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  1. 2strokenut

    You should watch this video of tpi...

    Hard pass
  2. 2strokenut


    This thread is so gay
  3. 2strokenut


    Actually they are releasing them this year.
  4. 2strokenut

    Over sized tank for TPI released..

    I know the mileage of my bike, roughly, however, it's meaningless unless you compare to another bike doing the same trails you are doing. That;s why I mentioned it gets better mileage than the bikes I ride with. Mileage is fairly dependent on the type of terrain you are riding and it's never exactly the same. You could ride jeep roads all day and do 90 miles or 10 miles of hard enduro. Based on my latest rides I would guess I could do 60+ miles of single track fairly easily. Not really interested in a bigger tank though. For example, on the last ride with some shercos, on 35 miles of single track I used 1.1 gallons. Both sherco 300s were below half tank and one was well below half tank. Those tanks are 2.7g.
  5. 2strokenut

    Over sized tank for TPI released..

    2.4G I haven't run mine dry yet, but, I constantly ride with guys with Sherco, GG, Beta, and KTM 300s and my tpi consistently gets better mileage than all those bikes, including 4ts.
  6. Just FYI, the XC and XCW trannies are the same except for 1st and 2nd on the W. But a sweet deal is a sweet deal!
  7. 2strokenut


    I'm not saying they didn't have an issue, I'm saying it's overblown by people don't have a TPI. My good buddies went and raced Romaniacs last year. 50% of riders are on TPI bikes, maybe more. I asked them if they spoke to the local guys about any issues with the TPIs (this was before I bought a TPI) and they said "yeah, riders have zero issues with the bikes". I asked them about pump failure. Couldn't find a single person with a problem. Oil pump going out? No one had a problem.
  8. 2strokenut


    The oil pump is actually a quality made Japanese part. A guy in our facebook tpi forum took one apart. I've launched my TPI off cliffs nonstop since I've bought it and I haven't had an issue, neither has my buddy who rents TPIs out on the regular to extreme enduro riders visiting AZ. The oil tank in the 19s were changed to a different type of plastic (PP instead of PE). The pump and injection are from the 4Ts and they are very reliable. So I think it's just conjecture from TPI haters
  9. 2strokenut


    What part is of dubious quality?
  10. Damn, had it backwards.
  11. My 17 300XC is built probably just how you want it. RK did the custom head, pump gas high comp Derek at HP Race development did the porting. I wanted more mid/top without losing bottom. 36mm lectron/38mm keihin STIC - I feel like the 36mm lectron revs almost as good as the stic keihin but have to give the nod for overall power to the STIC. I like both PC pipe and Shorty is awesome for mid to top without sacrificing bottom I have not tried the SX cdi but @CSAR FE has tried both with similar mods and he liked the XC ignition better. Red spring If you do those mods you will have more power than you'll want most likely. You can go really wild with porting and the head but most likely be too much to handle.
  12. 2strokenut

    My Pop's 2019 Tm300 EN

    My dad ordered straight from Derek at HP Race Develepment in TX. Bike shipped directly to him.
  13. 2strokenut

    Torrot wants to sell GasGas?

    I don't really have a dog in this fight but this post seems to be spreading rumors in and of itself. The shop I ride for is a GG dealership and I have good friends riding for GG and it would really suck if any of this were true.
  14. 2strokenut

    Another Lectron topic ??

    That's awesome! Glad it's working better.
  15. 2strokenut

    Another Lectron topic ??

    I really prefer the 36mm Lectron with the 3-2m rod, and I've tested a TON of different rods and have a 38mm Lectron as well. What the Lectron does, now that I've tested the Keihin STIC for a bit, is that it softens the bottom end. It doesn't necessarily kill bottom but just makes it more manageable. I think it's great for technical stuff. People perceive this as the Lectron taking away bottom and it frustrates a lot of guys. If it does frustrate you then the Lectron is not for you. @Wrfrk what rod is in the Lectron? Now you have the RK head I'll be you'll be happy with the Mik.