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  1. 59921

    strapped down too long?

    do you ride a 4 stroke? Chances are when you turn the motor off, some of the valves are being held open (springs compressed). when I have bikes tied down and the truck will be parked for an extended period of time I will loosen them some.
  2. I have had a few people tell me the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia are going to out law two stroke bikes altogether in the near future. I guess illegal aliens don’t like the smell of premix.
  3. 59921

    X-Games Sumo Race tonite!

    Kinda funny how someone always reads posts about races then is amazed that the results were mentioned. Nicky sure got spanked. I guess it takes a road racer that has talent like Lawson to win.
  4. 59921

    tw200 vs xt225

    TW200 will dominate in the sand.
  5. 59921

    WR250R/X Pros and Cons

    tach's are easy http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=636198&highlight=drz+tach I have a didital that I got from summit something like $120
  6. 59921

    aero calculator

    To double your top speed , you need 8X the hp. 200+ hp to do 190mph?
  7. 59921

    WR250X dyno chart , anyone have one?

    jaynen The RPMs the bike is at doesn't matter Sure it matters. A motor turning at 60% or its max RPM will last much longer than a motor running at 85% of its redline. Not spinning enough rpm's with a load on the motor (lugging) is hard on the lower end.
  8. 59921

    WR250X dyno chart , anyone have one?

    Stock the DRZ turns 6170 rpm at 65 (redline is 9750) My SM with 15-38 turned 5850 at 65mph (radar) 60% of redline 60% of 12,000rpm is 7200 rpm (The WRR should be spooling up about 7,300 RPM's at 65mph. The rev limiter is set for 12,000 RPM, no Tach so no redline just rev it like you rented it.) I put one of these tach’s on my DRZ worked great went on in 20 minutes. http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.asp?autofilter=1∂=SWW%2D114906&N=700+115&autoview=sku DRZ400SM 15-38 Gear Incl/ speedo error 3 ….. 10mph = 1360 rpm 1455 rpm 4 ….. 10mph = 1080 rpm 1155 rpm 5 ….. 10mph = 850 rpm 900 rpm Not trying to sound like I am defending the DRZ, the DRZ motor has more than its share of problems.
  9. 59921

    Yamaha YZ250F lawsuit

    Question to rider Kid why are you banging the motor off of the rev limiter in the air? Question to Yamaha What was your reason for the hard cut on the rev limiter? Love these 2 strokes!
  10. 59921

    WR250X dyno chart , anyone have one?

    Jaynen The wrr will cruise at 75+ much better than a DRZ 400 because of the gearing in its 6 speed trans How many RPM's is your bike turning at 65? What is redline?
  11. 59921

    WR250X dyno chart , anyone have one?

    I had a drz400sm and took 2-3 teeth off of the rear sprocket and at 65 you were still revving the snot out of it. I don't think a 250 would cut it for me.
  12. 59921

    WR250X dyno chart , anyone have one?

    Thanks sure wish it was a 450
  13. I don't have a bunch of time trying to find a dyno chart for a WR250X. If you could post one I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  14. The one I saw was small and not very sharp