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  1. Anywhere from about 16-20HP (at the fly) would sound fairly accurate. For some reason it's incredibly hard to find the power output for alot of bikes (bar motocross) Any ideas about the torque though?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the power and torque output for the XR200?
  3. The KX500 sounds good, I've never ridden one but I've heard that it has a habit of needing frequent rebuilds, whether this is just poor work by the rider or the bike itself I don't know.Rebuilds are the main things that put me off 2 strokes but a $70 rebuild sounds good to me As for insurance....I have never really injured myself on a dirtbike, i'm not the type to hop on and go balls to the wall with that throttle. But a 500 probably would be a bit of overkill, I think even a 300exc would do, unfortuneately I don't have the moolah to fork out for a KTM. I'll see how much power I can get out of my 200 before I get really bored and need to hop up a bit. As for the 700 ATK 2 stroke mentioned earlier, I don't even think these are available here in Aus, I've never heard of them Sounds like it would put anyone on their arse (yes we spell it with an r) at the drop of a hat.
  4. I gave the details on what I need, a fast bike. I'm not fussed about anything else other than price and to a degree, manouverability/reasonable weight. Forgive me for wanting a quick bike, i'm sure when you were 16 (good guess on age though ) hooning around flat stick was on your agenda as well. Am I wrong? By the way I do have cert. II in Automotive Engineering. I'm not just a dopey fool with a vocabulary of fast and big. I do have experience in Automotive (although I am reasonably new to bikes). Btw, how would you know what I "truly need"?
  5. Thanks cleonard, I just had a look on bikesales.com.au and can pick up a decent looking 01-04 XR650R from about $5500AUD-$8000AUD. I don't quite think I'll need that top speed but it would be nice to know that if I felt like it I could take it there . Looks like I should start saving.
  6. Hi, I'm thinking about getting a new bike. My current 200 is fun but it doesn't cut it when I open up the throttle. I'm after a bike 2 stroke or 4 stroke (preferably 4) that will scare the bajesus outta me when I go WOT . I don't ride MX, most of my riding will be done either on trails or in rural towns (decent top speed plays a part here). So I'm after a bike with good power but don't want the high maintenance of an MX bike. Anyone have any ideas? And could you give past experiences with (x) bike? Cheers
  7. I own a knock off bike and am trying to hunt down an air filter that will fit. It's a pretty weird design and I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything that is compatible and where I can find it. Pictures are below.... http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0283.jpg http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0282.jpg http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0281.jpg
  8. My motor isn't lifan, it is made by skyteam, who have their own very genuine looking website, which is saying something about a chinese brand www.skyteam.net.cn .Be careful when buying lifan as lot of companies buy lifan motors and badge them with their own brand name. It can work both ways as well, dodgy companies can make shithouse motors and badge them as lifan. Anyway, in my experience with chinese motors (mainly small pitbikes, 110-125cc) I have found them to be as reliable as any equivalent honda motor (and very gutsy I might add). If you intend on buying a 200cc be wary of pushrod style motors, unless you can get them for an absolute bargain stay well away. In my previous experience selling these chinese engines, pushrods are a good sign that the seller you are buying from cuts corners to save costs. I only ever sold the OHC models. So if you see an OHC 200cc knock off, go for it. Anyway the top quality knock offs are pretty much carbon copies of their (usually honda) counterparts. And Thumpstar (I think) uses lifan motors in their bikes. Motovert (the aussie equivalent of thumpstar) do. I have a couple of friends who have modified their bikes beyond ridiculous. They have added parts like 138cc bore kits, CDI units, 28mm Carbys, Oil Coolers, New sprockets etc and have had no trouble finding the parts at all. And all of them for a fantastic price (200cc's are a different story though). The bottom line is, the bikes are great value in the long run, the motors are very capable provided you treat them well and know what to look for in them. Don't go out assuming that all 200 knock offs will be the same. One weak spot with nearly ALL chinese bikes is the piss weak nuts and bolts they use on them, all important bolts are fine (on engine, wheels, suspension) But the ones for the plastics and the like are very dodgy and can be stripped at the drop of a hat. I would recommend changing them once you get them or you're going to face a similar crisis to me. You're going to have 50 stripped bolts ALL in difficult places to reach and you'll spend a day trying to get them out slipping around and damaging the bike (and your knuckles for that matter). Is this just the bike or the motor? $325 sounds very cheap. Where is it advertised? Is it new or is it used? Anyway back to my bike. Started it up yesterday, would've liked to go for a ride but considering I didn't have a clutch lever or muffler this would've provided for a very interesting scenario. It seems to be running ok actually, wouldnt start without the choke though and I needed to give it a fair bit of gas to stay alive (had to give it gradually or it would die). I don't know what's causing it but it sounds more like a fuel problem than valves.I don't know much about carbys so I guess that's a weak spot for me. Once again, I doubt the engine would even run with the cam timing that far advanced, so when I get around to getting my clutch lever and muffler back on I'll try and take it for a spin and see how it goes.
  9. The bike is a knock off, but as far as I know it was made by a company that purchased one of Honda's old pressing plants. I was told by the guy at FX Racing that the engine design is almost identical.
  10. Ok I've just been out and taken some pics of the motor. I also started it up for a few seconds to see if there was any suction at running speed. While it was running I put a piece of paper over the exhaust, there was no sign of any suction, but I didn't want to leave it running too long as there is no muffler on it at the moment, neighbours wouldn't have been very happy . Anyway here are the pictures (ignore the dates I replaced the batteries and it was the default); http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0278.jpg http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0277.jpg http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0276.jpg By the way I decided to take some pictures of my air filter while I was there. I want to replace the shitty standard filter with an aftermarket one but have no idea what will fit Anyone have any ideas? http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0283.jpg http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0282.jpg http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k306/amut_00/PICT0281.jpg Cheers by the way, is there a way to remove the decompression release mechanism, if that's possible then I'll soon know if it's causing the problem or not.
  11. I'm not sure about the kickstarter mechanism, I always thought that it was in the camshaft it would open the exhaust valve with a lobe prematurely and then close by the centrifugal forces of a running engine (800rpm+). I may have misread exactly when the exhaust valve opens as Its pretty hard to watch the behaviour of the exhaust valve through the plate, and watch the cam gear for the pistons location while pushing down on the kickstarter and feeling for suction on the exhaust. I don't think it's valve timing because I doubt it would be able to run if it was that far advanced. But I haven't checked the intake valve's behaviour because I can't get the inspection plate out on that side without removing the motor . Anyway, as for the compression test I will aim to get one done as soon as I can. But it's school holidays here so I haven't really been doing anything about it the last couple of days. I was hoping I'd just get to hop on and ride It may just be normal decompression behaviour, so I'll aim to get a new spark plug and richen up the mixture coz I think it's been running a bit too lean, and I'll see if that helps.
  12. haha sh!t mate, looks like we have a winner. How long ago did it happen, how are you coping? Sounds like you did the right thing by not reattaching it, I had minor surgery on my one of my fingertips, and it's so sensitive its horrible. I've gotta refrain from typing, touching etc with that finger. I can't imagine what it would be like if you had a whole finger that was that sensitive.
  13. Just wondering how badly you guys have hurt yourselves (or how well your gear has saved you) I'm yet to suffer any major injuries on a dirt bike but had a nasty mountain biking accident that left me unable to walk properly for about 2 months. Anyway, lets hear some stories and see some pictures
  14. Check eBay every so often, you should be able to find a decent set on there for a decent price.
  15. I'm pretty sure that the valves are seated properly, as I've discovered I dont get any vaccuum from the exhaust on the intake stroke, only on the power stroke. (the exhaust valve makes its way open about half way down the power stroke). I'm really hoping that this is the decompression cam otherwise there Is something seriously wrong with that valvetrain And I'm not too keen on having to pull out the motor and tear it apart. btw, does anyone know what torque the head bolts should be tightened to?