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  1. how many guys at the local track have stock bikes? I only race vet classes and my bike has suspension revalved, pipe and a few other things. I heard the comment, and I had to laugh about Reed's bike being stock, what a joke that comment was - I think Reed gets PC motors, lol.
  2. You will definitely want to replace the stock exhaust if that has not already been done. The 2008 had the mechanical baffle that affected performance.
  3. Does anyone know if a 2009 or 2008 YZ450F head pipe will fit a 2007? New they cost a couple hundred, used about $100, but no 2007 used head pipes to be found. I can get a 2009 for free - anyone know if it will fit?
  4. These races are a blast. Laid back and you will be done by about 2 or 2:30. Next race is 9/18. Pete can always use some more riders at the Vet series races - track prep is great, and they are efficient on the starting line to make it a fun short day.
  5. Yes, it is dirt bike riding. Do you ever want it to be big time and get more TV coverage? If so, guys like Brooks need to show some class. I agree that Brooks is an idiot.
  6. I just renewed my MXA subscription. Reed should not need any more motivation to pick up the pace. I was in row 7 at the race, 50 yards from that corner, and the point about lost time is exactly correct. Stewart could catch Reed, but Reed couldn't catch Stewart. "Chisholm blocked me..." is a lousy excuse for losing.
  7. Here is my opinion - racing is racing, some contact is fine, ask Bob Hannah. If the Chisholm incident isn't enough to make Reed pick up the pace rather than use it as an excuse then what is? How many times has Reed won when Stewart didn't crash? When Stewart has a DNF and Reed still gets caught in points, whose fault is that? Reed should have pushed hard to win some races early in the year. Let's see what Reed does if Stewart checks out or simply follows Reed. Hard passes are fine.
  8. frames must be to OEM specs. It would be a bad news if Bubba only races supercross. Too many guys are doing that, and the tracks are all jump fests that don't require much endurance. I personally lose respect for the guys that don't ride outdoors, even if they have nothing to prove; what is wrong with going out and winning for the love of the sport?
  9. so how did he do? my point exactly, think he trained or did anything to prepare ahead of time? hmmm, very doubtful. I will take no publicity over the kind he brings to the sport.
  10. Let's hope he has a speedy recovery. If anyone deserves their number retired when he quits racing it is Henry. Did you ever hear Doug Henry whining about anything? Anyone remember the video of him asking a fan to take his helmet off when he had two broken arms? Has anyone else come back from an injury even close to what Henry has gone through? Follow his example modern day SX whiners - "what's stopping you?"
  11. I'll take MX any day over Nascar, but it has a lot of people watching so it is on TV alot. Only thing lamer than RC not getting the same fuel penalty as everyone else was pit bosses be suspended - punish the driver if you WANT to actually give someone a penalty.
  12. Maybe Mike was busy looking for Tedesco's bike so he could stand on it for a few minutes. The good finish his first race on a 450 was a fluke - doesn't have enough heart to hang with 2nd and 3rd place guys once he gets passed for the lead.
  13. If that is Reed's plan - to take out Stewart to beat him - he needs to do a better job, or pick up the pace so he isn't caught from behind. Personally, I like people banging bars except when they can't take the same - apparently like Reed and Josh Grant in the 250f class. If you want to block someone don't be pissed when you get taken out by someone faster than you. Note this is only valid in a race, not during practice like the idiot riders who block and/or take people out during Saturday practice.
  14. he should be able to get a few points since that is what he wants to keep his number
  15. Has anyone had a problem with the bottom bolt on the oil filter cover stripping out? I change the oil every 3 rides and it seems like this bolt is losing threads each time I remvoe and replace it.
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