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  1. Yeah, called just to be sure and no bulletin info on my vin. I bought the bike knowing it had a knock, so I'm not devastated with the problem. The guy I bought it from got burned because he didn't notice the noise, and I bought it thinking it was just the crank.... I just wanted to fix it and flip it, but I'll be lucky to break even now. I'm going to replace cam chain and case bearings to at least get the case together for now then look at cams again when I recheck timing. I know they look fine to me but something on the intake side is off for sure. Is it possible that the cam chain messed up the intake cam gear and turned it off time? The cam chain tensioner was definitely acting funny when I took it out. Valves were in spec (within a thousandth of each other, .006 I think). Any recommendations for piston kit? I was leaning towards ProX as I was recommended, for ~$180 off ebay, but OEM is only $236. Not really looking for for performance at this stage. Thanks again for the help edit: Judging from the frame wear and tires, the bike probably had about 10-15 hours on it. That's why the motor acting so funny is pretty confusing for me too.
  2. Still have a bunch of questions, if possible: Any advice or thoughts on why only the intake pistons were hitting? I'm still scratching my head on what could of caused it. Luckily it didn't seize or blow up, but just very curious at this point. Valve clearances were dead on before I tore down the motor and even with the new manual cam chain tensioner the knock was still there. The old cam chain tensioner was acting funny when I took it out, so maybe it messed up the cam chain, but wouldn't that affect both cams? If I replace both cams can any part of the old one's be salvaged (bearing or gear)? Everything looks fine except for that heat mark on the intake cam gear. Or should only the intake cam be replaced? Also, what's the recommended piston kit? I was told ProX, but haven't done much research past that. Sorry for all the questions, but I really appreciate the help of these forums.
  3. Hopefully this is my dreaded tick/knock/noise i don't want to ever hear again. Finally broke down and brought my 08' 250f to a KTM dealer and got their advice. I thought the slight ring from intake valves on the piston was normal, but it appears not (first four stroke tear down). Timing was set correctly(TDC lock + cam tick marks) and the new dirt tricks cam chain tensioner was set correctly. Valves were checked tear down and all within spec, and the head (with valves) was checked for leaks, but all valves were fine. So it appears that somehow the intake valves are off timed somehow. Per mechanic advice my new parts list is now: New cams, new piston/rings, and new cam chain. Any other advice on the timing issue, and if the cams are replaced should I replace every part of them (cam gear and bearings) or can any part be reused? No major visible signs of wear/heat except for slight heat on the gear of intake cam, any comments? And of course, pictures:
  4. veloc1ty

    Drain plug

    Look up the part from a parts breakdown. cyclehutt has them, find out what the bolt you took out is called and go from there. Sorry not familiar with the new 350's to help you.
  5. veloc1ty

    Drain plug

    Was it an allen head on the right side of the motor? My 250f has a crank lock bolt there. Looks different than all the other bolts around it.
  6. Bought the bike knowing it had a knock or (tick) as I originally thought. Valves all within spec, the bike probably has around 10-15 hours on it. Replaced cam chain tensioner to dirt tricks model but no difference in motor noise. Now I am sitting with the cases split and crank out of the motor but I just don't see any wear or bad bearings. Piston and cylinder look brand new with excellent compression. Crank has little side to side play but no up and down. Got a second opinion at a local shop and was suggested to replace crank+piston as set because of possible uneven wear. I'm comfortable doing this but just looking for advice. The knock was loud enough that I definitely expected something visible to be bad, but I just don't see/feel it. Can post pics or measurements if that would help anyone, thanks.
  7. veloc1ty

    250 sxf 07 help please

    Did you adjust the jetting any? How did it start before you serviced everything?
  8. veloc1ty

    Crf Valves :(

    Do some searches and reading with the crf250r forum. Lots of threads on valves and I remember reading a lot about "RHC" and his valve and engine work.
  9. veloc1ty

    06 250SXF Winter Project

    Definelty a cool thread/project. Never seen a rebuild/overhaul thread of a 250sxf, mainly just honda's. Maybe that's a good thing....
  10. veloc1ty

    Swingarm Bearings

    I've had good luck with a brass drift and a hammer.
  11. I find it pretty weird that we have to ask what to use on certain parts, when these chemicals are labeled "carb cleaner". I know there made for different applications, but it's still ironic.
  12. I didn't think the frame and motor has changed that much since ~07.
  13. veloc1ty

    ktm250sxf vs crf250r

    Suspension is number one priority, and i've noticed the motor performs different than a honda. Seems to like to be ridden in a higher rpm and short shift.
  14. veloc1ty

    new ktm 280sxf

    I'm sure you have, but you've adjusted the fuel screw right? Check with the dealer regarding jetting?
  15. veloc1ty

    fixing a subframe?

    A long 4x4 also works if it's not too bad. Don't ask me how I know this....