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  1. steve_97060

    My new 350 SXF

    I'm still waiting for him to post again to tell us how he knows they do that..
  2. steve_97060

    My new 350 SXF

    Actually I have been to the factory in Mattighofen and watched the bikes come off the assembly line, they each go into a room where they are fired up and checked for about a minute each before they are shipped out, no red line action there..
  3. steve_97060

    2012 YZ250f - pipe options

    thanks for all of the input, ended up getting a really good deal on a GYTR pipe..
  4. steve_97060

    2012 YZ250f - pipe options

    So I will be getting a 2012 and was hoping for some feedback on pipes used. All I have used in the past are DRD pipes and was wondering about FMF, PC, Yosh, etc.. I can get a good deal on DRD but wanted to hear about other people's experience with the other brands.. thanks..
  5. Thanks all for the chuckle.. The OP posts about a super secret seal team 6 black ops operation of introducing 60 canadian grey wolves (damn foreign wolves, they couldn't even use domestic) that he was told about on the down low from a "friend", and off we go!!!! yeah, I'm believing that could really happen with no news of it leaking anywhere, local/state/federal agencies always do stuff like that without hearings, public notices, discussion, or news leaking.. this is why you just have to love you some internets.. carry on...
  6. steve_97060

    09 header, versus 07 header - YZ250f

    there is the possibilty I was given the wrong part, I measured the ID of the header and it is approx 40mm, the replacement one is approx 43 - 44mm. does that sound like a 450 header?
  7. steve_97060

    09 header, versus 07 header - YZ250f

    I was told it was an 07, I looked on the parts fiche, they do have different part numbers, 09 - 5xc-14611-R0-00 07/08 - 5xc-14611-20-00
  8. So the stock header on our 09 cracked, I got an 07 replacement but the diameter is larger so it doesn't fit the mid pipe and it looks like the flange is larger than stock also? I was told we could use the 07 - 09 header but apparently that isn't so. I would think it should fit the cylinder, any ideas on how to make this work, and how it might run with a larger header diameter?
  9. steve_97060

    2010 Crank Case Crack!

    would be helpful to post a pic...
  10. steve_97060

    2010 450 sale price - input

    I have seen two listed on craigslist so far, both were at dealers and they were asking 5500 and 6000, ouch...
  11. steve_97060

    How To Start Your Fi Yz Easier

    good find...
  12. Hello, I am looking at selling my 2010 YZ450 and looking for input on a reasonable asking price. I haven't really seen any listed so don't really have any comparisons to go off of. It is in good shape and has around 50 hours on it, DRD pipe, Ride lowering link, DT1 filter kit, Cycra one piece shrouds, and the GYTR tuner. Also, should I return it to stock and sell the after market parts separately, or leave it as is? Thanks for the input.. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z266/steve_97060/DSCN0101.jpg[/img]"]
  13. steve_97060

    Any newer MX riders looking for more people to ride with?

    that's the problem when you have to ride in groups.. woodland will be that way tomorrow also... that's why I am headed to eddieville..
  14. steve_97060

    I Don't Know What She Said, but.....

    Jimmie, you are a class dude, no need to apologize...