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  1. wheelie man

    Hot Pics of my 1983 MX100

    Yeah, but the MX's didn't come with lights...
  2. wheelie man

    New WR250R....Oh yeah!....Maybe?

    More teeth on the back sprocket = lower gearing. less teeth on the front sprocket = lower gearing. Vice versa....
  3. wheelie man

    Honda brake conversion...

    Yeah, same here, forgot to take pics, will hopefully do tomorrow. And the '03 CR caliper is much smaller than the YZ caliper.
  4. wheelie man

    Honda brake conversion...

    I ordered the '03 CR125 full system anyway, since my stock stuff is old, needed new pads, and a rebuild. Might as well upgrade instead of going through all that. I guess I'll put comparison pictures up when I get it.
  5. wheelie man

    Honda brake conversion...

  6. wheelie man

    Honda brake conversion...

    Thanks, do you know what year they upgraded to the lighter one? Just for future reference.
  7. wheelie man

    Honda brake conversion...

    Well, I was about to get a Brand new Crf450 front brake system with fresh pads, but I took a shower and it sold. So I found another system, but this one is off an '03 CR125. Did Honda have the new style lighter caliper in '03? EDIT: And I couldn't find this info in the old topic about this.
  8. wheelie man


    Yeah, I've checked the engine and pipe mounts, all good. And I had the Cylinder off a while back, and the crank was in spec. What else should I check for? This is a pretty bad problem because a bolt or two WILL vibrate out if I don't go over all the bolts midway through the day.
  9. wheelie man


    My '02 125 has been vibrating WAY too much. I just can't figure out what's causing it. Last weekend I test rode a friend's '02 YZ125 and another friend's '01 YZ125. Neither of them vibrated nearly as much as mine. This is a problem because it tends to make my bolts vibrate out, so I always need to check them constantly to make sure they're not getting loose. Any ideas on what could be causing this??
  10. wheelie man


    What could it be?
  11. wheelie man

    Is this piston good?

    Your cylinder is done....and you need to properly break in a new piston, it needs 3 heat cycles....
  12. wheelie man

    99-02 yz125 vs. kx125 vs. cr125?

    Yeah. The YZ was good this year. It's the first year that they went to the new plastic style, and many parts from newer YZ's will bolt right on. This was also the 2nd year of the bigger carb. '02 was the first year that the CR got the new frame. But the CR handles GREAT....but not so great in the power department. The KX was slow those years.
  13. Yeah, I remember this too....and he said it actually worked, and didn't notice too much power being robbed...If my memory serves me right.
  14. wheelie man

    Check out these racks!!!!!

    Are those real!?!?
  15. wheelie man

    $100 to spend on stock YZ125, what to buy?

    This thread is like 2 years old....he probably bought what he was looking for by now...