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  1. Tko229

    Hungry Valley crash

    I was there on Sunday from 8 to 230ish and didn't notice anyone getting airlifted but it wou ldnt surprise me by how crowded it was.
  2. I did a 3k mile trip with my wr426, crf250, and a ltz400 in the bed. I loaded the bikes first and put the rear tires on the bed rails then loaded the quad in between. I then put the rear tires on jackstands. The swingarm or chain and sprocket would rest on the quad tires without them. Some timbrens or airbags would help the rear but it did fine on the highway.
  3. I have a 1995 F-250 2wd that gets about 18mpg highway and about 15mpg around town. This truck does have the 4:10 gears and is 7.3L Turbo Diesel. I believe 1994 and older 7.3L were non-turbo and 1995 and newer 7.3L were turbo.
  4. Tko229

    New riding club???? Anyone else see this?

    Yeah that was me and my buddy. I am from Howell and he is in Flemington. We just signed his sheet with our contact info. We did not sign the contract or give any money.
  5. Tko229

    New riding club???? Anyone else see this?

    I believe when I talked to him the reason he wasn't going to do a pay per day fee was because he wants it to be called a club for insurance reasons. In calling it a club he has to collect "dues" in either a monthly or flat rate fashion. I guess if he calls it a "business" his insurance rates would be more expensive and I am not sure about the zoning issues and him living on the same land. I am not positive on this though. Did anybody here go any take a look at the land and proposed MX section?
  6. Tko229

    New riding club???? Anyone else see this?

    He's looking to cover his ass this way. If he gets a bunch of cash and people decide to bail he still has some bank. Its a club, where we the members do all the work and organization, he pays 10k a year in insurance and pockets the other 50K maybe 40K if decides to run his equipment. Not a bad deal for him. I agree he is looking to cover himself but just think he getting in over his head. Thats just the vibe I got from going there. For example my buddy was talking about a track in one area of the land and in his mind he is picturing a flat oval track instead of a mx track. I just think there is a lack of knowledge. If he gives control of the design of a mx track and the layout of the trails to the riders it will have the potential to be a nice LEGAL place to go every so often. Which we all know are few and far between. I am just trying to give some feedback in order for the owner to get informed and for the people that are going to work out the details in the contract with the guy, like adding if no MX track is built by a certain date you can cancel membership w/o the ridiculous fees. But maybe come April or May if any progress is made I may change my opinion but right now its not worth traveling 110miles (each way) for.
  7. Tko229

    New riding club???? Anyone else see this?

    I also went with Jason to meet the guy today.I am more into the motocross track style of the sport and my opinion is this guy trying to open up a place where some people can ride and use his land that he is not using and generate some instant cash flow for himself without spending any. Some of the good about the place are that it is another legal place to ride. He is getting insurance. He has some large equipment that is capable of moving earth (the place used to be a quarry). He has good intentions and will listen to riders input. He said it is a about a mile to the closest neighbor (good for no noise complaints) What I did not like about it. There are a bunch of rocks. Right now there are no set trails or tracks. I believe he is looking for a lot of free labor to help him make money (just my though). Its landscape is on a hillside. He wants you to sign a contract, which I understand but I don't like the terms. For instance he want to start in the beginning of January and collecting $100 from you (if he gets 100 people) and starting in March he wants to charge $50 a month. But if you don't pay he expects you to pay a $300 fee. So for no trails and to ride in frozen ground and snow its going to cost you $100. Then if there is no progress by the club members it could cost you an additional $450. Also the reason its called a club is for insurance purposes and that is also why he can't charge a per visit fee. But I think a flat membership would be better (like NJORVP was). Their are also a bunch of other issues that I see with the place that he may have over looked. Like a very long one way driveway (no place to turn around for oncoming vehicles) and some other little stuff. A little more that a weeks planning ( he just got the idea last Saturday he said) and some initiative could make me change my mind but until then I will get my fix for riding rocky trails at the "Lost Trails" That's my .02. Rob
  8. I have a 2004 6x12 Homesteader Challenger and I bought it new for a 2100 otd and it is been great so far. I also have a homesteader dump trailer. I haven't had any problems with either one. To me it seems that Homesteader gives a better bang for the buck. I also use a 24ft Wells Cargo and the frame and interior are built well, a little better than my Homesteader. I have not used any Haulmarks so I don't know their quality.
  9. I have a trailer like that and when I loaded my bike up I would just lift the back tire on top of the side of the rail and then slide the ramp out. Another way is, a 2x8 with a curved lip edge and rest it on top of the rail and just pull it out and let the wheel fall into place. I would also run a tie down through the wheel to the front hooks, just in case. This worked for me and haven't had any problems.