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  1. buzzgrizz

    Who went from a 450 to a 250 two stroke?

    Went from a 00' YZ426 (woods modded) to a 07' Ktm 250xc. Made the switch to get away from the heavy as hell 426 (by lap 3 I was pretty drained). 1. Transition was definitely noticeable weight wise the 250 was like a bicycle compared to the 426. Keeping the 250 in the revvs is somewhat of a bitch especially if you are 'lugger' like myself (loved that 426 motor just hated the chassis) Took a while to get used to (still not all the way there maybe a FMF Gnarly pipe would help) 2. I wouldn't use "unforgiving" to describe the 250 you just really need to focus on staying on the pipe (rekluse helped me with this a ton). When it comes to handling I consider the 250 to be more forgiving than the 426 or any 4T i've ridden. If i make a mistake it's easy to correct because of the light weight of the 250. 3. 1. Weight reduction. 2. Cheap and Quick topend jobs. 3. More of a 'fun factor' on the 2T (can throw that thing around like a mini:smirk:). 4. 1. Can't lugg and ride 'lazy' like I could on the 4T. 2. less 'tractable' power. 3. the 250 doesn't have that 426 topend that keeps climbing and climbing (but is more than enough power in the woods) 5. Switch back maybe because I ran my best race finish on the 426 but was also riding a lot more than I do now (don't have as much time with work and school and it has all but killed my racing career). The only thing that'll make me switch back to the 4T (for woods riding currently SUMOing my 450exc) is if KTM or Yamaha makes their 4Ts super reliable like the old RFS motors or the old YZs.
  2. buzzgrizz

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    my 90' 250......... currently forsale:thumbsup:
  3. Looking Pro and going real slow 1st time I touched the bike in 2 months and my lap times showed it.
  4. yep blue man #72 running 250C.........ran slow the whole race didn't the endurance or drive I used to have. I considered the start decent and damn better than the YZ and RM guys wadded up in turn 1
  5. I was right in front of you at the creek (at the Rockcrusher start). 1st time I had touched my bike in 2 months needless to say racing kicked my butt......slowest laps I've ran in a long time.
  6. buzzgrizz

    DR350S tires

    I'm running the IRC GP 110s on my DR250s. I like them a lot. certainly no knobby but they do more than well in the dirt/gravel.
  7. buzzgrizz

    what oil to use DR 250

    Mobile 1 4T synthetic
  8. buzzgrizz

    90s DR 250/350 Front Brake Upgrade?

    would a new year model line fit? like for a 01-02 DR-Z 250 fit? or any others? the Tucker Rocky catalogue doesnt have any listed for older DRs.
  9. buzzgrizz

    90s DR 250/350 Front Brake Upgrade?

    I would say its stock so 21 years:busted: would a steel braided line make that big of a difference?
  10. buzzgrizz

    90s DR 250/350 Front Brake Upgrade?

    already bled the brakes the front feels a lot better than before but its not stopping as quickly/powerfully as i would prefer. The pads look excellent in the rear, front slight bit of wear but nothing major. Guess I'm used to the awesome Brembos on my KTMs. Heres a pic of my brake fluid when i changed it after buying the DR. And no thats not diet coke in the bottle:smirk:
  11. buzzgrizz

    90s DR 250/350 Front Brake Upgrade?

    Is there any upgrade to the god awful front break on my 90' DR 250? Oversized rotor? Master Cylinder upgrade? ANYTHING?
  12. buzzgrizz

    ttr 225 sprockets

    Would a rear for a 230 (05-09) work on the 01 225?????
  13. buzzgrizz

    Neutral Sensor leaking oil!!!! (PIC)

    bought the bike with the 'area' covered in a dirty hell. 1st thoughts were counter shaft seal leaking but nope after a good was and further inspection I've found its the neutral sensor that is slightly leaking oil:foul: took off the 'cover' and noticed the O-ring isn't in great shape. There is a slight (very slowwww) flow of oil coming from the 'dot sensor' looking deal on the inside. So my question is what is my problem the O ring or something else?