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  1. RallyImprezive

    Colorado Who to vote for?

    Some pretty important elections are coming up from what I have read. I am looking to vote for the guys that SUPPORT our OHV lifestyle. Has anyone done research on this for Colorado? Thanks!
  2. RallyImprezive

    Jary Penny memorial h/s 09-13-09 **who's in**

    I would have done a lot better if I hadnt had to piss on the 2nd lap. The bike fell over against the door and locked me in the port-a-potty. Here are pictures of the race. They appear to be organized by rider. http://mxphoto.exposuremanager.com/g/berthoud_hare_scrambles_9-13-09
  3. RallyImprezive

    Berthoud on Saturday?

    Sweet. Thanks for the info. So I guess I will be there after 3:30pm! Hope to see some other HS racers out there!
  4. RallyImprezive

    Berthoud on Saturday?

    yes, thanks for the info. Do you know how late that usually goes till? Will I have time to get in a few laps once the race is over? Thanks!
  5. RallyImprezive

    Berthoud on Saturday?

    Ill be headed to Berthoud on Saturday to check out the track before the Sunday Hare Scramble. If anyone wants to say hello, ill be in a white Dodge Dakota with a Honda crf250r, plate # 555.
  6. RallyImprezive

    2007 CRF250R Taking 740cc Engine Oil to Top Mark

    I put 725ml in each side.
  7. RallyImprezive

    valves changed overnight

    isnt it actually the vavle seats that are the culprit?
  8. RallyImprezive

    2009-2010 crf250r valve problems?

    Dont believe everything you HEAR. However, it is always a good idea to check the valve specs when you get the bike, that way you have a baseline to determine whether or not they have moved. As others have hinted, proper maintenance is key. Change your oil, and keep the air filter clean, and you wont have any problems.
  9. RallyImprezive

    Let it ride

    Damnit. I keep hoping a new one will open in Castle Rock.
  10. RallyImprezive

    Jary Penny memorial h/s 09-13-09 **who's in**

    If you have any particular questions feel free to PM me and I will do the best I can to help out!
  11. RallyImprezive

    Jary Penny memorial h/s 09-13-09 **who's in**

    racing solo or in a team?
  12. RallyImprezive

    Just Got An 06 Crf 250r Need Some Help With Carb

    it helps if we can get a baseline. Do you know what the current jets are? And what elevation do you ride at?
  13. RallyImprezive

    crf 250r or 450r???

    250F maint isnt that bad. The key is air filter and oil. Keep those clean and the rest of the engine will last a long time. A friend of mine rides a 450r, and was mocking my 250r "girl's bike." So I had him ride my bike....and instantly changed his opinion. He was immediately faster around the track on my bike. He was turning faster, jumping more consistantly, and he came back, after a few hot laps, less tired.
  14. RallyImprezive

    Need a New Oil, Maxima is breaking my bank

    The only issue I see with synthetic is this (and its just my opinion.) The primary benefit of synth is its resistance to shearing and loosing its lubricating properties. This would normally allow you to run it longer before a change. But with a dirt bike, it seems to me that the oil typically gets contaminated quicker, requiring the oil be changed frequently, anyway. So I buy Rotella T, and change frequently, so my bike always has nice clean oil.
  15. RallyImprezive

    Moving from Ca.

    Douglas County has great schools, and Castle Rock has great houses in just about every price range. I purchased my house in Castle Rock 2 years ago, and it was $220k for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage, over 2000 finished square feet, and 750 unfinished in the basement. I know that with 4 kids you will need more probably, but this gives you an idea. Within 1 hour I can drive to: Watkins MX track, Thunder Valley MX track, Erie MX track, Berthoud MX track, Aztex MX track, Olympic MX track, and the Rampart Range OHV trail system entrance. Castle Rock has very "OC" landscaping, and allows for a short commute to Denver and Colorado Springs. All good news for your intended job market. Some of the native Coloradians may think the commute is bad, but like you, I came from California, and spent 5 years in SoCal...so I know what a shitty commute is like. Check it out!