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  1. I was having issues with the oil leaking then after a new cover fixed that the suspension was Killing me. Had the bike revalved, springs changed, etc and just couldn't get comfy at all. Did some research and talked to a lot of people and decided on Total Control in Nc. Now I was in the past and enzo man. I gotta say Chad at total control has this bike feeling 1000 times better for me. Its so weird to I am now running diff springs than my 09 and completely diff valving And Chad did both my 09 and 10. He explained all the frame geometry bs to me and why they are so different etc. Well both bikes are real good I love my 09. My 10 corners so much better but haven't raced the bike yet. All I can say is its light years ahead of where it was. Chad and crew have done a lot of testing with this bike more so than any other bike he has ever done. If any of you guys are having issues, give those guys a call. They do bikes all over the world, had a lites guy finish 13th in main this past weekend in sx lites. They truly care about there work and have been doing it a long time. Chad is also an ex pro himself. I am know way shape or form sponsored or receive any discounts from them. I just thought id share a good experience.
  2. WHY SHOULD I? There has to be an issue right? I just wanna know what it is cases machined wrong? Or what. Im gonna play hard ball. I have talked with my attorney and I dont play well when my life is on the line. I race every weekend. And usually run a race bike through at least 200 hours a year. I ride a lot. Send me a motor and we will move on. Ill send you this pos back im over looking for issues to fix it.
  3. Ill sell it cheap Ive put over 2k in bike before i rode it. should have gone suz. There no cracks theres nothing it just leaks period. Yamahas do mess up this is my 5th one and im not satisfied with this one.
  4. So first ride on the 2010 450 and filter cover leaks oil around side or around bottom bolt tried new seals etc didn't work. Got dealer to get me a new cover it arrived today guess what it still leaks same spot. I don't have a local dealer I bought bike 1500 miles away. So they have been shipping me parts. So is it the case? What else can it be it doesn't leak bad bad but if I start bike let it get warm then oil is leaking out just after a mint. On the stand. Anything else I can try I really don't want some half ass dealer taking my motor apart etc replacing case when its brand new. Leaks on side of filter cover if your looking at it towards front of bike. Im pissed
  5. matts06yzf

    2010 first ride oil filter cover leaking??

    Its barelllly sticking out im so over this sob I could burn it right now. It leaks oil then ya try to figure that issue out and snapped a bolt off any way I can get this out and order stock bolt?
  6. matts06yzf

    2010 first ride oil filter cover leaking??

    now bottom bolt broken I have messed with it so many times trying to figure it out I have torgue wrench on 7lbs calls for 7.2 snapped her right off now i cant get this out
  7. matts06yzf

    2010 first ride oil filter cover leaking??

    My dealer is 2000 miles away and I dont have one near me. I doubt my cases are bad. Why isnt it leaking now is what has me confused? It leaked then after some adjusting doesnt leak. I did a search and seems other people had issues but no real fixes. Or they didnt post them
  8. matts06yzf

    2010 first ride oil filter cover leaking??

    I changed the seal and still leaked so I played with bike on its side. I got it to stop leaking from the bottom then was leaking from side So I loosened bolts and turned it etc while hot and ran a few heat cycles through it and nothing no leak. It wasnt leaking terrible but I could start the bike and let it warm up. Take a paper towel and run around cover and oil would be present, I think its just real finicky. seems good now but its for sure not just a bolt on and go like all my last bikes. Maybe will get better with time who knows
  9. I noticed bottom bolt leaking so I changed oil and put on new filter inspected everything all looks good. I re torqued to spec an bottom bolt is still leaking. I can rin bike on stand let it warm up and it will leak under bottom bolt. Seal looks fine. Can this cover go either way seems like will fit and theres not a top or bottom. I put it all back like it was with numbers at the bottom and facing me on inside. Its pissing me off
  10. matts06yzf

    YZ450F 06-09 Differences?

    Ive owned them all and the 09 was for me the best but not much better than the 08. I switched back and forth the 08 was my practice bike 09 was race bike. The 2010 is to me A LOT better bike than any of them it actually turns. I didnt realize how hard I had to work to keep my 09 in a rut until time spent on the 10. Lap times where faster on 10 instantly. Its the closet thing to the rmz that I have ridden in the turns.
  11. please help what ya doing? I cut mine like the 06-09 that wont work.
  12. matts06yzf

    Yamaha OEM foot pegs & peg lowering info.

    The old way of grinding or cutting the peg and flipping them does not work on the 2010. I just did mine not looking at it an the bracket itself is different so now im back to stock height and I hate it hmmmm what to do. i wanna use stock pegs what would you do?
  13. matts06yzf

    Gibbs yamahas

    I think the 55hp statement is pretty true. I guess its where the power is in the motor where most these guys are after vs how much. Im fine with stock stuff at my speed. If Jeff Alessi pulls a hole shot or even top fives a main this year ill crap down my leg. I dont see him in a whole lot of top tens and missing some mains for that matter. Sx class is deep this year real deep. I hope he does well but im not much on that team hes on.
  14. matts06yzf

    2011 JGR /Muscle Milk YZ450F !

    Im talking about guys with hundreds of hours of testing with just this bike. That say it needs it. Why would some of the fastest guys on earth on this bike run this gizmo then? Im confused. Again I think it depends on your speed Gray you proabably wouldnt notice
  15. matts06yzf

    2011 JGR /Muscle Milk YZ450F !

    Good question Ive never ridden one. But hell the way I look at is if some of the best guys in the business are running them for 120 bucks so am I. I wont ride the bike until its revalved and sprung so im just going to get it done all at once.