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  1. Hello, question for you if I may...Would you know if a 1981 xr250r motor would easily fit into a 1984 honda xr250 frame?  

    I do not know the exact model of the 84 it does appear to be factory plated...xl maybe?

    Thank You


    1. Dwight_Rudder


      No it will no fit. Much larger engine. It would be difficult to fit a 1986 engine also due to the dual carbs.

  2. Dwight_Rudder

    Difference between MX and Enduro suspension

    Not Faster Rebound. SLOWER. Or More Rebound Damping.
  3. Hi guys I have 1995 rm 125. I don't what's wrong with it anymore. We got the bike and the guy claimed that the bike had carb problems. So I cleaned the carb put it back on and it turns out the carb was fine. The throttle was sticking. The problem was the reeds had no gaskets. Now that it was fixed we ought to try to ride it. When u put it in gear it bogs out. Not sure why. One thing I did notice is the bike spits a lot of smoke. And it smells bad. Almost like the tranny oil is mixing. Do u guys think that from bad crank seals the bike won't run?  Plz answer me back thanks. 

    1. Dwight_Rudder


      Does sound like crank seals. That old a bike needs them changed out anyway.

  4. Hello I'm look at a new dirt bike I have a crf230 and I wanted to get a faster bike what should I get 250,200,125....

    1. Dwight_Rudder


      It can vary greatly. The CRF230 can be modified to be faster but main problem is the rear shock. You need to get a Works Performance shock for it.

      Otherwise you can get a number of bikes to be faster. I suggest a Husqvarna WR150.

  5. Dwight_Rudder

    84-85 XR200 questions

    I wouldn't have called it a top end cam but a good all around cam. It worked very well. Didn't handle as well as my XR200R but ran great. Probably about 26+Hp at rear wheel. I am thinking real hard at getting a AJP PR4 240 this year. Engine is based off the CRF230. 10cc bigger. 30mm carb with pumper. 5 speed. 3/4" bigger clutch. about 20hp+ stock. A lot more finning. Euro suspension and frame. We had a fun day after the SERA banquet a couple weekends ago and had a PR5 (250cc watercooled with 30hp @ 8000 rpm. And a PR4 240 air cooled to test ride. I am recovering from back surgery right now but a lot of good riders tested both and the results were surprising. Most people were shocked at how good both bikes were. Some prefered the PR5 and some the PR4. Even some who thought they would like the watercooled bike better actually liked the Aircooled bike best. AND the price is right on the entire line.
  6. Dwight_Rudder

    84-85 XR200 questions

    Honda did fix the early RFVC head bikes by doing away with twin carbs and improved oil pumps and dry sump on 350 and bigger bikes and oil coolers on the 250r. And by junking the 20lb overweight RFVC 200cc engine and going back to the better twin valve 200cc single carb older engine. Early 200 and 250 RFVC bikes with twin carbs got so hot they literally boiled the oil in the heads and engine. Standard petroleum oils would break down quickly due to the extreme heat. Sometimes in less than one ride in hard conditions.
  7. Dwight_Rudder

    84-85 XR200 questions

    You are quoting someone who raced RFVC Hondas for over 16 years. For Al Baker and Thumper Racing. 4 ISDE medals on modified RFVC Honda XR250Rs. 280, 300, 310 and 315 big bores. I stand by what I said. Stay away from Twin Carb XRs.
  8. Dwight_Rudder

    I'm Back on XR ! XR440R

    I don't have a chart. Lectron didn't dyno my bike. They did another one. BUT, I don't need one. I can promise that a 250 two stroke will not out run it. Mine jumps out of the hole and keeps pulling. I shift as quick as I can grab another gear. Don't over rev. Use torque not Horsepower. Once in 5th gear, just let her eat ! Use only a good synthetic motorcycle racing oil or you will regret it. These engine tend to run hot normally, due to the RFVC head. A lot of moving parts in the head.
  9. Dwight_Rudder

    I'm Back on XR ! XR440R

    I use the manual compression release. I hate the auto one. I pull in the lever and kick the bike through about 3 strokes. Then feel for TDC. Then bump the piston just past that point using the compression release. Let go the lever. NO THROTTLE. Kick hard and follow through. It will not kick back if you are just past TDC and follow through on the kick. Don't try kicking it like a small bore 4 stroke or a 2 stroke. If you fall, use the compression release to unflood the engine by kicking through abouty 5-6 times with throttle open. Then start normally.
  10. Dwight_Rudder

    I'm Back on XR ! XR440R

    I was riding a loam top with a hard clay base. I have a Dunlop AT81 front on my XR440.
  11. Dwight_Rudder

    I'm Back on XR ! XR440R

    What year model is yours ?
  12. Dwight_Rudder

    I'm Back on XR ! XR440R

    Call Lectron and ask for Kevin. He setup my carb and I never had to change the needle it self. Just a bit of fine tuning.
  13. Dwight_Rudder

    I'm Back on XR ! XR440R

    Rode the XR200R at last National. Fell over a bunch due to crappy front tire. Had a Maxxis IT on front. Someone gave it to me. I will give it to garbage man. I am putting a IRC VE35F on it. BUT I am planning on riding my XR440 this weekend at the La. National enduro. Row 1E. I plan on having a good time on the XRE440 but not expecting too much being on row 1 and that I go in next week for surgery on my left knee. I hope it is just cartilage tear. I have been limping for so long now my hip hurts.
  14. Dwight_Rudder

    The BEST XR250R tire?

    Pirelli MT16 front and rear OR IRC VE35F and VE33
  15. Dwight_Rudder

    xr400 springs

    If you weigh less than 200lbs then a .40kg is more than enough for a XR250R.