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  1. ballistic

    Top Fuel DRZe!!!... don't try this at home!

    yes.. it was an april fools gag.
  2. i wanna redo my forks and shock soon. Reading posts on this topic seem to say top ones are maybe Slavens, trailTricks, MX-tech. I missed any? MX Tech did my drz400 back in 2003. Night and day better. Of all the posts i read now.. seems Slavens gets the nod with close to 100% positive discussion. Who are the KTM offroad raceteams using? Lastly, i whats better.. an sxs or ohlins shock (if i can find one used), or my stock shock with full treatment by Slavens??? thoughts?
  3. ballistic

    Engine Seized- What now? PICTURES

    how many hrs ride time since your last oil change?
  4. TJ that photo of skidplates is quite a hall of fame (shame?) I drilled a small hole near my azuz screw and looped a ziptie around the bracket:thumbsup:.
  5. my 08 xcfw came with KTM Plastic Skid Plate/with Quick-Fastener. Are these skids pretty good for rocky trail use... do they hold up ok? or is aluminum ones way way better? I like this one and want to keep it but... not sure how trail worthy it is. Its mainly side casings i worry about. I thought about riveting an extra one inch extension pieces onto this thing to extend a bit and deflect trail hazards away from my precious Rekluse clutch cover. On my DRZ 400 i glued a 3/8" thick strip of rubber along the leading edges of casings. It was hardly noticable/incognito and I'm sure it helped. Is it worthy?
  6. My 08 xcfw has oem head/tail lites. I added dualstar grip heaters, 32watts I beleive. Headlite is 35w I think. What output is the oem stator? If needed I will just make sure to not run both at same time. Lastly, how many watts are rad fans? I want one maybe
  7. I ordered a 2.5 amp from Ballistic Battery.. No relation to me.
  8. sure throw them on the scale. I had a DRZ 400 a few yrs ago, then upgraded to a bigun full exhaust. Night aand day, plus several pounds lighter
  9. but apples to apples... this ktm/fmf comes with 2 different inserts so i guess depends which one is being used.. the MX one or the SA one.
  10. opinion: anyone used a ktm FMF slip on ? how much lighter than stock? noticable increase in grunt? Wondering what diff between this one and other FMF systems ..
  11. oops double post sorry
  12. this pic shows where i dremeled the top corner of the almighty FCR. Look at the top cable.. right above the nut you can see the corner is removed. See the lower cable/nut... thats exactly what it used to look like.
  13. this pic shows how i polished the brass wheel. Then i srewed it in all the way to ZERO turns and made a index line on the brass and a corresponding index line on the wire loop. So just by looking at it i can see i have it set at 2 and 1/8th turns.
  14. ballistic

    quick chain sprocket question

    from what ive read on TT sounds like alotta people switch it out to a 48 or 49. ya i might just have to try and see for myself. Maybe a 49 or 50. 48 too big a change if i dont like it, 51 maybe not enough change ??