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  1. Geno 71

    New D&D Graphics

    Cleaned up my bike and put these new D&D graphics on. Not bad. What do you think? http://img322.imageshack.us/img322/6938/mybike004dt8.jpg http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/2833/mybike005bu5.jpg
  2. Geno 71

    Both Cables ????

    I was out riding on the weekend and the pull throttle cable on my Z 04 frayed at both ends causing the throttle to stay mostly on. Was a bit of a worry. Pulled up and thanks to a friend and his KTM toolkit we managed use the return cable as the puller. (Had a hell of a time getting the carb out from between the airbox and the head) I only had about half throttle but it was enough to get me back home. So thanks to the duel cable system all was good. Would anyone have any tips for easy removal and replace of the carb? Not a lot of room in there. Gene
  3. I am looking at buying a pair of LED arrow shaped turn signals. I have a pair of micro flush mounted LED's on the rear at the moment. The Arrow signals have three LED's in them and the micro signals only have one LED in them. My question is can I run the same flash controller for three LED's that has been supplied for the single LED? My theory is that the more LED's you use the more resistance is needed. But not real sure. Your probably asking "Why am I changing perfectly good lights?" I'm a bit concerned the law won't share my enthusiasm for the Single LED's. Even though they look real sharp. Regards Gene:prof:
  4. Geno 71

    Ebay LED light seller

    Could anyone put me onto an Ebay seller that sells LED turn signals and lights for bikes. Have been looking for hours now. Looking for the diamond shaded shape type. Maybe a link. Great looking lights. Regards Gene
  5. Geno 71

    Tank on rear guard

    Thanks Neil for the links. I like the look of the Nomad tanks. Would be nice if they were colour coded hey. Beggers can't be choosers. Your a real legend!! Regards Gene
  6. Geno 71

    Tank on rear guard

    Apparently they are called a "Bum Tank" Any takers?
  7. Geno 71

    Tank on rear guard

    Could any Aussie guys let me know where I might be able to get a small tank that wraps over the rear guard to suit my DRZ e in Aus . I have seen them in mags in the past. wouldn't mind ordering one. Maybe a web site or something. Your help would be much appreciated. Gene
  8. Geno 71

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    This is my 04 e model. Just fixed her up. Was thinking of trading her in on a new KTM 450 but might keep her for a while now. She has plenty of power for my riding capabilities. Regards Gene:ride: http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/1927/mybike001pf6.jpg http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/4021/mybike002ne0.jpg
  9. Geno 71

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Nice bikes!!!!!
  10. Hi guys Got the head (with new valves, seals and shims) back on my 04 DRZ e and she runs great. Plenty more power. Thought it was going to be a lot harder to get the cams back under the chain and alined at TDC but it was a piece of piss. It's ironic the only time I have learned anything about my bike is when I have broken it. Also thanks to the guys that gave me advice along the way. Here's a couple of pics of her. http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/3012/mybike001wk6.jpg http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/6046/mybike002ak8.jpg Cheers Gene
  11. Geno 71

    Polished Swingarm for My DR-Z???

    Man you got way too much spare time on your hands.
  12. Geno 71

    For peace of mind, Eddie

    Thanks Eddie Your advice is appreciated. There's still plenty to learn. Regards Gene
  13. Geno 71

    For peace of mind, Eddie

    In the reasemble section of the service manual the cams have been place in and then the cylinder head cover is fitted. Was just wondered why it says to have the piston at TDC on compression stroke when doing up the cylinder head cover bolts. Just wondering how important this task is. Regards Gene
  14. Geno 71

    For peace of mind, Eddie

    Was also wondering why the service manual says to have the piston at TDC on compression stroke to tighten up the cylinder head cover bolts. Just curious as to why. Regards Gene
  15. Geno 71

    For peace of mind, Eddie

    Myself and a friend are putting a reco head back on my DRZ e. While the head was off the crank has been moved to inspect the cylinder and wasn't spun back to where it came from . When we put the head back on does the crank have to be at TDC on compression stroke or does it not matter what stroke it is on as long as it is at TDC. Not sure which way the crank would have to spin to get back to the comp stroke. I have been told it doesn't matter.Just wanted to hear it from you. Regards Gene