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  1. Thinking about a Tx300 or 300xc
  2. Hey Guys, Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed my Beta for the past 2 years. I've owned and tried several bikes (around 50) over the past few years. Worth a try if you are on the fence. Just posted mine for sale today (TT classified) as I'm going to try yet another. I discussed some of the better characteristics I found if interested. Happy trails
  3. Just wanted to say thx to those that posted some info. Ordered a 2016 Beta 250 RR today. I was going with 250 before I talked to salesman. He reassured me I made the right decision if I wanted a bike anytime soon (1st round of 300 orders are all filled up). Sadly, still won't be hear until the end of Aug. I'll post something when I get it. Later
  4. 2015 Beta Evo 200 trials bike [just ordered] 2016 Beta 250 RR
  5. Thanks for the info. Just to confirm: you ended up with the 250? If so, can you elaborate on why you chose that over the 300? thx
  6. I have great Beta dealer 40 minutes away. However, they only order based on customer and picked up the day they arrive. Also, probably can't tell the difference between 250 and 300 in the shop.
  7. I agree. I will kick myself if the 250 is not enough for the nasty muddy hills. And I won't be happy with the $1000 300 kit. Love the choices but at $8300 you want to get it right.
  8. Really good point. I've heard the same when comparing KTM 250 and 300. The 250 being more of the higher strung racer bike. Just wondered if Beta was the same. I suppose it has to be to some degree.
  9. I did a recent enduro in Eastern Ohio. Very muddy, tight, quite a few trees down, greasy roots. I would say one of the technical rides I've done and very long. The 200 was OK until the nasty hills. Some of it was tires for sure (M403/404). I can't find the video of me (buddy posted on youtube). But this is the ride...
  10. Yeah, same background is very helpful. Did you go with the 250 or 300? Reason? Are you now able to tackle the muddy, rutted, steep hills? Thanks for the info !!
  11. Good experience and vid HawaiidirtRider I agree that stuff looks tight. Yeah, some muddy hill videos on a 250 would be great !! I'm leaning toward the 250 RR to keep the bike feeling light as possible. The Enduro21 guys said the 2016 250 has exceptional low-end. The worst thing that would happen is needing to buy the 300 kit. I suppose I could always go back and forth over the years to mix it up. My style and skills are still changing year-by-year.
  12. Guys, A lot of good info on bike traits between 200/250/300 for both KTM and Beta. However, still stuck on this...can you give me any of your experience??? Background: 2013 KTM 200 XC-W (been riding it for almost 3 yrs now) 6 ft / 170 lb Vet Intermediate Interest: Ohio enduros - mud, rock, roots, climbs with not much run, large sections of single track (handle bar width), some fast sections Concern: The 200 is almost the perfect bike for this and very fun to ride. It can be lugged or revved and not too tired after a 100 mile enduro. However, I'm not good enough to climb a few of the extreme hills with all the greasy mud. It wears me out and sours up the ride every time. I tried a buddies 13 KTM 300 XC. I had no trouble on the nastiest of stuff. But, the bike had too much vibration, taller than I wanted, and very heavy feeling. So, I'm sold on the Beta (less vibration, smoother low-end, smaller package). I'd like to have the smallest displacement possible to climb the biggest muddiest hill needed. I don't want to get a 300 and be tired most of the time. I don't want to get a 250 and still be struggling on those hills. Anyone got experience with the 250 or both? thanks.
  13. I have same situation with carbon fiber protector. Sometimes pushes left side into frame near head and other times right side into radiator hose. I pull the expansion chamber while on the bike towards me sitting on the right side. It works just enough to keep the pipe from touching. I ride too conversavatively sometimes in fear of smashing my pipe. I absolutely hate this about 2T. If they ever figure a way to route it to stay protected I would trade my 2013 in a second. I'm not interested in the bulky pipe guards. Other than possibly that big plastic 1 piece from Hyde (fugly) I don't think anything will prevent this. Even Hyde could allow twisting of the lest side into the frame rail. I will just deal with it the couple times/yr for now.
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