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  1. thanks for the responses. i took your advice and i measured the width of each plate, and i used a feeler gauge to see if the plates were warped. nothing. everything checks out fine, and match the factory specs. the reason i think my problem is a dragging clutch is because when ever i put my bike in gear, and pull in the clutch it doesn't want to move. i have tried playing with the adjustments on the handle bars but to no avail. here is a close up picture of the outer hub. what else could the problem be?
  2. Hey, i figured out that i have a dragging clutch problem and am going to take off the basket to file down the grooves that have accumulated to try and fix the problem. i have read up on this topic yet, i am still confused about a couple of things. to be clear the bike is an 2007 crf 250R. here are my questions 1. first, how does my clutch look? is it ok, or time for a new one? 2. to take off the outer basket, i read on some hondas you need to drill/dremal the pins out on the back of the ring gear. where exactly are these pins? not on this bike maybe? 3. after i bent the tabs over the 27mm socket in the middle can i bend them back without replacing that part?
  3. hey fellow dirt riders, my problem is that whenever my bike is dead and i put it into gear, and then pull in the clutch the bike still does not want to roll, as it feels its still in gear. I took off the clutch cable and cleaned it to see if that was a problem, but it did not help. i also adjusted the cable but that didnt help either. As for when the bike is running i have not noticed the problem, but then again i wasn't looking for it. what do you think the problem is and how can i fix it? is it time for a new clutch? thanks
  4. i just recently ordered some from ASI, but they have not come in yet. I have done some reading on this forum about ASI and everything i have read is positive. I will let you know how they go when i get them installed later this week.
  5. hey so i just started my bike for the first time in 4 months and it kicked over on the 3rd try which was nice. As soon as i engage first or even second gear the bike dies. I made sure that when i have the clutched pulled in and out the little moving part on the crank case also moves which it does. I tried adjusting my clutch from the handle bars with no luck. It still dies with the clutch pulled in all the way. so what is the problem? do i need a new clutch? by the way the bike is a 07 crf250R. thanks
  6. Hey guys im going to be spending 4 months in prague starting in early September and was wondering if their is any sort of riding out there? If so could i rent a dirtbike somewhere or would i have to buy one and then sell it when i leave. I am also planning to travel around Europe so is there anywhere else I could rent a dirtbike for the day?
  7. awesome video man. this is definitely one of the best JB videos i have seen in a while.
  8. Hey if I want to get more of a pop when i go off a lip of a jump should i change the compression or rebound? and which way?
  9. i actually just repacked my exhaust a couple of days ago. although I have the fmf factory 4.1 exhaust i think it should be the same. All you do is remove your exhaust like you would any other time. then for mine there were some allens that I needed to remove. 4 allen bolts on each exhaust. Then you should be able to slide the endcap off and remove the old packing.
  10. My problem is when I ride tracks and even some trails I don't use my rear brake nearly as much as I should in turns. When i watch the pros ride i see that they are always on there back brake in turns. I really only use the rear brake when I can set up way before the turn. If i have to little space to do that I only use my front brake. Should i try riding the track with only using my rear brake to get used to it? any ideas on what I should do to help with this problem?
  11. when i spin the rear wheel in neutral it will barely move because the brake calipers are grabbing it. I can pry the pads apart and it will spin fine. But as soon as i hit the rear brake 2 or 3 times the brake pads are again dragging on the disc. The problem i think is that the brake pads will not come back apart after i let go of the brake. any ideas?
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