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  1. Barrobuild

    2010 WR300 First Ride Report

    More weight on the front end,makes it more stable,more room for big blokes.I like it on mine
  2. Barrobuild

    2010 WR300 First Ride Report

    Dont know about the latest models but my 05 had bar mounts that have 2 positions,why better in the forward position.
  3. Barrobuild

    Hawaii TE310 ride

    Great vid,the jazz makes a nice change
  4. Barrobuild

    Even more clutch issues!

    Waste of time posting anything in this thread,you give up to easy.What are you going to do if something hard happens to you
  5. Barrobuild

    Dirtwise with Shane Watts

    I agree
  6. Barrobuild

    Where is the Tator rebuild thread!

    It was one page behind
  7. Bumpski for the Pom with the 610
  8. Barrobuild

    rebuild 1999 610 and main needle question

    I will bump Tators Rebuild thread,its a goodn
  9. Barrobuild

    Sydney ride on Monday 14 June

    Keep an eye out for any of Ivans mates,weather looks good
  10. Barrobuild

    Husky 350 TE noise.

    Nothing spacific,anything I would add is a guess,maybe one is registable,lights ect and the other isnt
  11. Barrobuild

    Husky 350 TE noise.

    What happened to Topgunints TE 350 rebuild thread,did I imagine this or has it disapeared
  12. Barrobuild

    Husky 350 TE noise.

    No worries,whats not to like,Tator did a frantasitic job,should be a sticky
  13. Barrobuild

    Husky 350 TE noise.

    Check out Tators thread re rebuild above
  14. Bump,I want to show this great thread to another Huksy engine rebuild bloke