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  1. im curious what other years and models share the same plastic as or are interchangable with my 2o12 150sx?? Thanks, RLucky
  2. RLucky82

    crf150r. vs. ttr125l

    Get a girlfriend and she can ride the ttr :-)
  3. RLucky82

    Adults/tall riders chime in on ergonomics

    Wow, that is a lot of information to digest! So far it looks like the rsw clamps + cutting and welding my footpegs down 1" and back 2" is the hot setup.
  4. RLucky82

    crf150r. vs. ttr125l

    The ttr will never be a 150R, it will always be slow the suspension will always suck and if your like me you will always wish you had the 150R. I had a ttr125L by the time I got done putting all the bbr parts / CR goodies it was still a ttr. I wish it was easy to just drop a 125 into a yz85 frame and b done with it but you still only have tr power. After the hassle and the headaches its cheaper to just get the 150R ! That's what I finally did today:-)
  5. Ok Im not exactly tall at 5'7" but what are you guys doing to make your 150RBs adult friendly. I have riden mostly 125s for the past 20 or so years and did the mini "thing" a while back. I haven't really ridden a 150R but when standing up it felt a little odd. I've tried searching and would like to compile a Adult/tall rider mods list all in one thread. How do you lower your pegs? and bars, risers, or new tripple clamps? anything else to make it more comfortable when standing? I will be riding mostly trails some back yard tracks and light mx practice tracks. please list where or who to get parts from. Thanks for your input. RLucky
  6. RLucky82

    Is the CRF150RB for me?

    thanks for that, I am 5'7" and 160 what do you recomend I do to my suspension/ ergonomics?, I going to look at a 2008 150RB today if its clean i will bring it home I have been wanting one since 2006 LOL anyways I have ridden since 78 yes thats 1978 Mostly 125s but I got into the Mini scene a few years back and have a few PitsterPro x4s (but I quit riding until I lost some weight) so the size shouldnt bother me. but when I sat on one last it still felt like it was designed for a kid (go figure). So what did you do to make it more adult friendly? Thanks again, RLucky.
  7. RLucky82

    How many riders has Stewart taken out?

    My bad, thanks for the "heads up"
  8. RLucky82

    How many riders has Stewart taken out?

    You are supposed to roll the jumps where the yellow flags are waving. in this race Stroupe gained a few seconds on Vilipoto by jumping a small double where the flags where waving!
  9. RLucky82

    How many riders has Stewart taken out?

    See thats what I am talking about, he did this more then one time at least three! but I don't remember the riders names. He crashes - gets up - picks up his bike - parks it sideways on the track - and dumps the clutch - Bam rider down. ***?
  10. I've seen too many times when stewart crashes and gets up he usually takes someone out. I was wondering how many riders he has taken out since joining the 250/450s in Supercross. I am thinking he is the leader in this area!?!
  11. RLucky82

    Who cares?

    I don't think RV pulled out by choice. and Its nice to see different racers that I never heard of win races! I like it better.
  12. RLucky82

    48 State Street Legal X4 Motard!!!

    and a year before that so did the Husky and still does. plastic tank
  13. RLucky82

    i hate my pitster

    True True very True! and the chinese bikes are High Maintnence bikes! ^^^ this is your pitsters best friend!!! ^^^