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  1. fmx_51

    Well.......... Shes going!

    2 update u on kxfrider he bought the crf 4 weeks ago . . and with the mods he has done with it . .. it goes harder than my 06 kxf with mods 2 and he has 13/51 i hac 13/48 n he still beats me in top speed . . crazy
  2. fmx_51

    i got snap happy, post some "up to dates" boys 'n' girls

    i now hav that bills pipe that was on ur kxf mr. downunder . . damn i bought that off ya cheap
  3. fmx_51

    known problems to watch out for

    hot start froze, oil leaked once, o-ring blew under the fill hole cap . . n thats it ... long live kawi thumpers
  4. fmx_51

    Shed a tear to see her go

    brody i wanted 2 c ya stay green . . . but that reff does go way quicker than my kxf even with the smaller gearing on urs! . . .come out 2 my joint again soon
  5. fmx_51

    07' KTM's Joke?

    stick with kawi . . .the ktm's loook like a orange pile of sh*t! . . altho they may look bad they go hard n are light
  6. fmx_51

    Hot Start Froze...help

    my 06 did the exact same .. . .a bit of water got onto the part that goes into the carby n siezed the hotstart rite up so i couldnt pull it at all . .. i just took it in n they fixed her up . . however just yesterday i went over the hangers n snapped my hot start cable ;/
  7. fmx_51

    how much oil for the 06?

    in the manual it says 1.3 litres . . .i got told by a factory kawi rider to run 1.25 litres becasue 2 much crankcase pressure builds up n ends up blowing the o-ring that seals the fill hole cap
  8. fmx_51

    bike clicks out of gear, help

    yerp same problem . . my kxf has started doing same . .. n what Kr8r said . . its the neautral inbetween gears
  9. fmx_51

    06 engine cooling issue

    the problem arises from the cooling passges in the head. The water passages dnt pass the left hand inlet valve efficiently, creating a hot spot. You will exprience a significant head reduction by increasing the water flow into the left hand radiator and re-plumbing the cooling system by turning the "y" hose fitting 90 degrees. The error of margin still will be small but running engine ice coolant will help slightly more.
  10. fmx_51

    engine help!

    sounds pretty bad 2 me . . . one of my mates 06 kxf starting making a loud knockin sound from the motor .. he took it in 2 get fixed. . .they replaced the whole top end but it was still there . . they then went further down n his crank had cracked or sumthing similar . . it cost him $1800 after 15 hours on the bike
  11. valves, valve sprins, valve seats, piston, rings, etc. all the small stuff adds up . . here in australia a 06 kxf inlet valve is $175 so times that by 2 $330 for inlets, n then exhaust valves r $130 here so thats $260 . .. 260+330= $590 for valves, n then piston rings n valve seats . . i got a quote here n it was goin to be bout $900 inlcuding labour
  12. fmx_51

    Will I be disappointed...

    i use my 06 kxf for mainly trail riding . . . its goes hard and is great 2 ride in tight stuff becuase it is fairly light . . . i put a new pipe on mine and geared the back 2 a 48 and that provides more top end to make it easier to ride . . giving me more top end does mean i have to use clutch a little bit more but im not complaining because its great.
  13. fmx_51

    Top end done at 60 hours

    thats ncie 2 hear then . . my 06 kxf made it to 60 hours 2day ;] . . n i havnt touched the motor at all . . i do oil every 6 hours, oil filter every 12 and air filter when needed ( bout 2 hours) and 2mrw im checking my valve clearances . . . its great to see another rider with a kxf that hasnt blown up yet ;]
  14. fmx_51

    i know this is a stupid question

    yer that is the go . . .they stop all the bogging n give the bike better bottom end
  15. fmx_51

    2006 Kaw 250F Exhaust Choices

    well i run a bills pipe on mine (don't kno if u herd of that, there not that known) . . it now runs at 42hp with heaps more topend! and the bills is suppose 2 b about 101-db so it has a mean sound to it and i didnt hafta deal with jetting