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  1. Hey Champ, myself and all the guyz i ride with use that oil.... works a treat just change every couple of hundred km's .... there abouts... cheers Mark
  2. Sec1

    Upper & Lower Triple Clamps

    Thanx for that Mate.... :mad:
  3. Sec1

    Upper & Lower Triple Clamps

    sure!!!!!!!!!! but what are their advantages to stock ones...
  4. Sec1

    Cleaning the Bike

    Good call bro!!!! Ct18 Truck wash is good too..... Same thing Spray On .. Have a Jar and Rinse..
  5. Sec1

    Upper & Lower Triple Clamps

    Hey there Guys, mmm i just brought an 02 426... and it has triple clamps... what do they do? or there advantages.... thanx Mark