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  1. spodeboy

    1996 KLX250R (307cc) Refresh Vlog

    Finally went on a decent ride. Thought you guys might like.
  2. spodeboy

    1996 KLX250R (307cc) Refresh Vlog

    I ended up ordering them off of www.rockymountainatv.com. OEM was the only option I could find. And in white. I really wanted to go green on the shrouds. I got the sticker kit from Ebay from this seller dogracingdesign . $99.00 for the entire kit. I bought the green Red Bull kit.
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to share my lil' project.
  4. spodeboy

    1996 KLX 250 (307cc) Carb Options

    Thanks guys. Appreciate all your responses!
  5. I just purchased a very clean street legal 96 KLX250R. I am just curious if anyone runs an aftermarket carb? Thanks in advance. -S
  6. After 35 years of the track. I am now 50. Looking to just get out and trail ride.
  7. spodeboy

    Kawasaki KDX200 (2006)


    After being off for several years I wanted to find a capable & comfortable trail bike. I was happy to find this gem out in Colorado. It is bone stock less the FMF pipe and bark busters. A little suspension, head mods, and a few other nic-nacs over time and it will be my best friend.
  8. spodeboy

    Kawasaki KDX200 2006

    After being off for several years I wanted to find a capable & comfortable trail bike. I was happy to find this gem out in Colorado. It is bone stock less the FMF pipe and bark busters. A little suspension, head mods, and a few other nic-nacs over time and it will be my best friend.
  9. spodeboy

    1993 CR250 BUILD by spodeboy

    I have not checked the fly wheel as I haven't removed the side cover yet. I will this weekend however.
  10. spodeboy

    1993 CR250 BUILD by spodeboy

    Is this normal? http://vid77.photobucket.com/albums/j77/factorydad/20141018_172625_zpsfe6e1d26.mp4
  11. spodeboy

    1993 CR250 BUILD by spodeboy

    Ok so after ignoring my project for a week this Saturday was time to take a look at the heart of the matter. The engine. I also detail out everything that is not going to get replaced. Again the frame! I swear it looks like it rolled off the showroom floor. As much as I would like to strip it down and go Factory white am not. I know this will rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I decided to not to a replica but a combo of the factory look (96 1-800-collect). And also money ain't what it used to be so The red will stay. Again, I have never done a 2 stroke top end. I do have decent mechanical abilities. But I am learning my way through this. So tell me what you think. Looks to my like this dude ran this bike very rich (wait till you see the power valve). And in doing so probably kept the engine well lubed. The cylinder walls appear to still have the hone marks from the last go around. There are barely any vertical marks or scoring. And the wall surface is as smooth as a mirror when i run my finger nail around it. From there I checked the play in the rod bearing. I rotated the crank all the way around and checked for up and down play and there is absolutely zero. I triple checked because I was a little giddy as this means (if I am correct ?) that the bottom end is still good to go. So I am thinking new piston and rings. Opinions? Take a look at the cylinder and tell me what you think?
  12. spodeboy

    1993 CR250 BUILD by spodeboy

    Perfect info. I really appreciate that. Thank you.
  13. spodeboy

    1993 CR250 BUILD by spodeboy

    The compression tester arrived when Santa Clause..., oops, I mean UPS showed up Friday afternoon. . I actually have a day off this Saturday so I will try and get it tested. . I started tearing the bike down a little Saturday after noon. The story I got was that the bike was rebuilt by the uncle 4 years ago, and the bike was given as a gift to the person I got it from. The guy I got it from was in his mid 20's and was a little squidly in my opinion. Since I am a special agent, and an FBI profiler, I am pretty good with sizing people up. So my question was (if the rebuild story about the uncle was true), how was this machine maintained once the kid got it? One thing I did notice is that all of the right bolts and fasteners were there. Nothing was stripped or over tightend. The radiator fluid was very clean and filled correctly. All the cables and hoses were routed and fastened corretly. The jetting was correct. Someone took the time to do this part right the last time around. I was also a little suprised by how clean the frame was, and some of these componants under the tank were. A little dusty but very clean. This attests to the things the previous owner had told me about the bike being completely gone through 4 years ago. I'll call it Probable. . As far as the good news goes it looks like someone did spend some time bringing this bike back to life at one point. However from there I think the next owner (the kid) just dumped gas in it and rode it for 4 years with zero maintenance. If you are like me then you pressure wash your bike after nearly every ride. This keeps surfaces like the rims, hubs, swing arm, frame tubes from getting dulled by dirt, exhaust, and othe elements. This bike has not been pressure washed in probably 4 years. So all of those surfaces are dulled and faded unlike the fresh frame. The petcock leaks when turned on. I have seen this many times over with really old bikes. Mostly on Hondas too. Don't know why. I have swapped many. So I am guessing the kid thought the line was leaking and replaced it with this plastic 1/4" hose & micky moused hose clamps. The amount of spooge undther the exhaust was insane. The chain and sprockets are really worn. Upon notating all of this I was interested in seeing what the motor would test at. . Test results . Time for some parts. Looks like I am going to tear it apart. I have done quite a bit of work on all of my own bikes dating back to the 80's. However in all of those years I have never done a top end on a 2 stroke. I have always had newer bikes. So I'd buy it, ride it, sell it, and get the next best thing. This will be a first for me. So my questions for any of you here are... 1). How will i determine in the cylinder is in need of anything? 2). Split the cases or just check crank play? 3). Send the head out for work? 4). What brand of parts should I use?
  14. spodeboy

    1993 CR250 BUILD by spodeboy

    Thanks for the info! I am definitely going to tear down and inspect top regardless of the compression. My mind just wants to know numbers!! LoL. Also I really want to ride the bike with the old carb, and then the new carb. Even though I know, and as you have stated, the performance increase is good. I want to feel the difference for my own satisfaction. Plus then I will have a much better educated opinion. Testing will begin today! I actually am home for once!
  15. spodeboy

    My 93 cr250 resto

    Kinda pricey, but there it is. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rear-Suspension-Shock-Absorber-to-suit-Honda-CR250-CR-250-1996-96-/181025425070?pt=AU_Motorcycle_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a25f4c6ae