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  1. Mr_Black


    Yes I did run it and it fit without too much troubles at all.
  2. Mr_Black

    1996 cr250

    Buy the original honda manual off ebay. It is well worth it.
  3. Mr_Black

    CR250 power delivery

    My bike with a flywheel weight still tries to rip my arms off. It gets a little tedious at times in the tight stuff.
  4. Mr_Black

    Best trail bike for the Notthwest

    Why won't the Japanese brands offer us their great performing bikes plated? KTM and Husky seem to have no problem with it? Sure it has been covered before.
  5. Mr_Black

    Suspension Shop??

    I was going to say Moto Pro as well even though it would be a good 2hr plus drive.
  6. Mr_Black

    Best trail bike for the Notthwest

    Doesn't anybody ride any old iron anymore or even japanese brands? Wait, I am just a cheap ass.
  7. Mr_Black

    Found some bikes

    35 minutes of my life gone. And why in the hell does this forum only put like 5 posts per page? (sarcastic) Edit, This was meant as no offense to tod.
  8. Mr_Black

    Best trail bike for the Notthwest

    DRDAN, do you have a lowering link on that bike?
  9. Mr_Black

    Just wondering anyone going to GP tomorrow? 11/30

    Never thought it was something to debate. Didn't mean to start anything. I am a hunter and a rider myself. I will say this, I don't hunt in a ORV park. Doesn't make any sense.
  10. Mr_Black

    Just wondering anyone going to GP tomorrow? 11/30

    We were up there today. IIRC we were up near the 271, 272 area and back down to the 270. There was upwards of 4 inches of snow in places up high. What a bitch to ride in. I spun out once. Tucked the front wheel 3 times. Alot of the puddles were frozen. That was a real treat. Oh, there are hunters everywhere that don't like you.
  11. Mr_Black

    What is it worth?? 1995 Honda CR250R

    I paid 1800 for my 95 two years ago. It was in excellent condition. Keep in mind stuff is fairly expensive here.
  12. Mr_Black

    I geared it more for highway.

    I like my 16-41 combo but the majority of my time is spent at 70+
  13. Mr_Black


    A cheap helmet that fits properly and doesn't ever hurt your head is better then an expensive foo foo helmet that gives you painfull pressure points in a half hour. As you have been directed already, you have opened up a can of worms. I wear an Arai XD
  14. Mr_Black

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    I average 56mpg with my current combo. Ride 80 miles a day with a half freeway half surface street commute.
  15. Mr_Black

    Big Bore Kit Looped It!

    Time for a 16 tooth front sprocket.