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  1. mxjerm

    PPIR / PPMX trail area still open?

    PPIR is still open. I have been riding there the last couple of weekends. It is a great workout. It is privately owned and the land owner is a really good guy. $10 a day for all of the abuse you can handle. I will be there again on sunday. White Chevy cargo van and a 2012 KTM 450.
  2. mxjerm

    woodland park snow report

    Was at the 717 trail head west of town sunday. The trail was covered with about 3" of wet snow. It is very rideable though.
  3. mxjerm

    New KTM Price?

    I bought a new holdover 2010 450 XCW in april for $6300, put 18 hours on it and sold it for $6000. Then bought a 2012 of the same model last week for $8500. I NEED MY HEAD EXAMINED!! I think you are getting a great deal. I rode my 2008 for almost 4 years. They are bullet proof in my opinion.
  4. mxjerm

    any info on riding in the buena vista area?

  5. mxjerm

    Technical Single Track riding buddies?

    Meeting at the gas station in sedalia at 8am. To ride rampart for a few hours. White chevy cargo van.
  6. mxjerm

    Left Hand Fire

    I can't believe someone would be dumb enough to do a controlled burn that day. It was so windy.
  7. mxjerm

    Caprock canyon enduro - carpool?

    2 or 3 of us are talking about going. We would have room for you. I will keep you updated as it gets closer. jeremy.shoning@gmail.com
  8. mxjerm

    Iowa guy's

    Rusty Shoning. My cousin was Mike Logan he raced then too.
  9. mxjerm

    Iowa guy's

    Pete, Just moved to Boulder from DesMoines. My dad raced in the 70's. Where are you from in Iowa? I will look you up on Sunday.
  10. The ''W" Cafe in Gunnison is incredible for breakfast. Go Explore Crested Butte. Go for a hike anywhere around town, Rent Bicycles and go for a ride.
  11. mxjerm


    I would recommend camping north of spring creek resevoir. Go out of Gunny towards Almont. Almont towards Taylor Resevoir. Turn left at Spring Creek Road. There is a campground there but go on past and camp in the flat area north of the lake. Tons of great singletrack that you can ride all around your camp spot. Jeremy www.rockymountainsingletrack.com www.shoningfloors.com
  12. mxjerm

    Colorado..Anyone riding Taylor Park this year?

    The blacktop from the trading post west is off limits to anyone without a plate. The forest service has been more strict about it in the last few years. Just be smart. We don't want to be thrown in with the guys with training wheels.
  13. mxjerm

    Colorado..Anyone riding Taylor Park this year?

    From Holt's you could ride up to the Timberline Trailhead and take it across to pick up Italian creek and then ride over towards Cement creek. Go down into CB South for gas and then back again. That would be a fun ride. Tincup area and the trading post limits unless you are street legal. Could make a big loop from Holt's over to Fossil Ridge then into Almont, Gas at Almont. Go up 135 and back across Jack's Cabin Cutoff onto 2 track working your way towards Doctor. Then Head back to the pass road on single track. Bring a big tank.
  14. mxjerm

    Bluff Creek

    I would not make the trio unless you are extremely desperate to ride. If I lived in Omaha and had 3 days open to ride I would head west to Rampart Range. I fully appreciate the hard work and effort of the responsible parties for getting Bluff Creek going. Bluff Creek is a great place if you are into riding ATV's. Jeremy www.rockymountainsingletrack.com
  15. mxjerm

    Need a hotel in San Felipe

    No. Everything was up a flight of steps. The security was great and the rooms were outstanding. The room rate was the same for 1 or 10 people per room. We pulled our vans in the entry and blocked off one lane going into the courtyard. The manager was very accomodating.