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  1. YZFster

    Best pit bike setups for Adults Screwing around

    You should drop some yz85 forks on that
  2. YZFster

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    What gates are open right now
  3. YZFster

    Vet tracks in So Cal

    Comp edge has the hillside track that is super fun
  4. YZFster

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    When u guys going again
  5. YZFster

    CA Race thread

    Hey stormy, where that pic from
  6. YZFster

    CA Race thread

    Sra next Sunday 11/17 at glen Helen
  7. YZFster

    Honda Valley

    thats what i thought but wanted to know for sure..
  8. YZFster

    California Honda Valley

    anyone ever ridden in honda valley?? some friends are going there tomorrow???
  9. YZFster

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    so the gate is open??
  10. YZFster

    New Rider, where to ride?

    Milestone would be good for you
  11. YZFster

    Is it too early to talk about Thanksgiving?..

    probly heading out to Ocotillo since my pops lives there on 5 acres
  12. anybody know if the gate is open??
  13. YZFster

    Thanksgiving weekend ocotillo =]

    well said. this place is as bad as glamis on t-day. it dont matter where you camp. trust me, i no. this will be my 14th year in a row:banana:
  14. YZFster

    Mojave road question

    Please keep me posted for this ride, been dying to go. Thanks:ride:
  15. YZFster

    stolen Gas

    Love it....maybe take a sh*t in there as well. bet the injectors will love that.