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  1. MBrider426

    Help deciding on which KTM...

    I just came off a 02 YZ426 and bought an 07 450xc and love it. Like you i dont know all about the KTM's with lights and all but the power difference was evident to me. The XC has more bottom end in my mind the 426 had to get some rpm to pull hard where the xc pulls from idle and first seems to be a tad shorter on the xc IMO. That or i just like the bike enough that i am riding a gear higher and faster. I know the xc pulled me out of some tight climbs that the 426 would had burt the clutch trying to aaccomplish. Go for the orange it awsome!!!!!
  2. MBrider426

    07 450 XC Tricks for a new guy

    Ya thanks for the info. I know that the dealer put a jet kit in but i am not sure what type or the numbers. I do love this bike tho! Any tricks to starting when its hot? It fires first crank when cool but if i stop mid ride it seems to take more the the e-start to get the job done.
  3. I just bought an 07 450 Xc and love the bike. It is the best peice of equipment i have ever rode andhave no complaints. But i am a guy and love to have more power. Are ther any tricks to get everything out of this already great bike?? Or just things to do to keep it great? Also I have read an article on the 08 model and it talks about a wire that can change the way the bike acts. Is this new to 08 or is it on my 07??? Thanks anything will help:ride:
  4. MBrider426

    Smog Pump

    I have an 05 Wr450 that i am taking the smog pump off of. I have bought the TT smog removal kit and am unsure on if i need to remove all of the fittings and put the plugs directly into the engine or just remove hoses and plug the fittings the hoses attached to. If anyone has experience with this kit please help. Thanks
  5. MBrider426

    Smog Removal on 05 WR450

    I have recently bought a used 05 WR 450 and the previous owner had taken off the smog pump. I have heard the smog pump cuts down on power so i want to leave it off but I am having problems with loosing the rubber caps he had put on the openings left from the smog pump. I was wondering if there was a good way to cap these openings so I don't have to fix them every couple of rides. As of now I have them capped with some rubber caps held on with wire much like is done on hand grips. What works best???
  6. MBrider426

    450f antifreze leak

    I agree take the case off and do it right. But the truth is if you are only leaking coolant you probly don't need the inner seal, if you have any oil leaking than the inner seal is shot also. I only had a coolant leak but did both seals and the bearing while i had it open. Better to do it right than do it twice.
  7. MBrider426

    450f antifreze leak

    I have an 02 426 and I had to replace the seals around the impeller. I had made the mistake of mixing collants that reacted and ate the seal up. It was any hour or two job to replace the oil seal on the inside of the of the bearing, the bearing, and the water pump seal around the shaft. This caused my leak to go away and hasn't returned yet. If you happened to make the mistake of mixing coolants flush the system with distilled water and vinigar.
  8. MBrider426

    2002 426f engine rebuild?

    Ya I have an 02 YZ426 also and have never rebuilt it its seems to run great and start easy but i am begining to loose my peace of mind about how much longer it can hold out. I plan to rebuild it soon and wondered if anyone has looked into or done a high compression piston. Whats the word about this mod?
  9. MBrider426

    Short rider technique

    It is super easy to shave an inch or more out of a seat. My Dad is a shorty and we shaved his seat, we just took the cover off cut it with a hacksaw blade and then sanded it smooth. A bonus of the lower seat is the saddle it creates, his bike is now super easy to whip around because it moves with him.
  10. MBrider426

    Best flag mount bracket for the YZ 450?

    I don't waste the money for a fance flag mount. Just go and buy a metal strap from the local hardware store and put a couple bends in it. I mount mine behind my side number plate off of a bolt holding my rear fender and it works great. nice and high, couple bucks, and a little oakie engineering and it has lasted 5 + trips to the dunes.
  11. MBrider426


    I have an 02 yz426 and am thinking about putting in a weighted flywheel. I just dont know what weight is best to keep the punch for the track but allow the bike to lug some on trails. Has anyone found the perfect wieght. Any advise would help. Thanks.
  12. MBrider426

    2001 Yz 426 Starting Technique

    i have found on my 02 yz426 that if it doesn't start within 3-4 kick to play with using hot start or choke. just try to find out what the bike wants.
  13. MBrider426

    Best Motocross technique DVD

    Skillz 2 really help me with riding techniqes