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  1. i remember a while back someone made a cooling fan setup for thier radiator and said they rigged a heat activated switch to turn the fan on at 200 F and turn it off at 170 F. does anyone know how i can find a heat switch like this?
  2. tool

    New Valve job

    how can an exhaust valve be using a 1.20 shim? my exhaust shims are 2.05:excuseme: am i missing something?
  3. tool

    New Valve job

    left exhaust shim is 1.20?? my exhaust shims are like 2.05-2.12. are you talking about intake valves? when i get new intakes put in, i always need the stock shims that came with the bike (162) im baffled
  4. tool

    450r idle

    doesnt sound like jetting to me, my 05 does the exact same thing when my intake valve are tight. check the valves
  5. tool

    Is lose of a little motor oil normal ?

    have you considered that the engine does need to be completely full? the level is supposed to be between the H and L marks. im not saying thats whats happening, but if i were you i would fill it to exactly halfway between H and L and see if it still does the same thing
  6. tool

    i have 2003 crf450r gear box problems

    these things happen
  7. tool

    what radiators will fit an 05?

    what ive realized is that with some aluminum plates (i used rad gaurds) you can make almost any crf rad to work
  8. tool

    Anyone Running a 14/52 Sprocket Combo?

    yes, i remember this on ricky's crf450... something about the relationship between how fast the front sprocket is spinning vs. the rear one. 14/52 was supposedly to "slow the engine down" while maintaining similar ratios. it would be an interesting test if nothing else. im looking for maybe 14/50-51myself
  9. tool

    wierd junk in my trans oil

    the junk is more like black chunks, not wear off the plates. maybe a bumper got chewed up.
  10. tool

    wierd junk in my trans oil

    i looked over the clutch, but not with a micrometer... i was assuming the bike needed new plates, possibly new basket. i looked through the trans and all of the gear dogs and thier mating surfaces were perfect - no rounding on the dogs, no wear really. im hoping its just the shift forks
  11. my 05 started to miss shifts from 2nd-3rd gears at my last track ride. i drained the oil and there was quite a bit of black junk in the trans oil, with only a little bit of metal shavings. so i tore down the bike and split the case and couldnt find much damage or the source for this junk in the oil. the only parts that had wear on them were - one or two of the shift forks were slightly bent. the mainshaft bearing (trans) in the left crankcase was hard to turn. the 2nd gear away from the above bearing had some signs of metal going through that gearset, with some pitting on at least 3 gear teeth. all i can think to do is replace the worn parts and put it back together... but i still dont know where the black junk came from. does anyone have any idea what it could be from? i was thinking it was rubber from the bupmers on the clutch, but saw nothing like that.
  12. tool

    Need a Valve Job

    wow. heres what is going on... your valves are worn and you need new intakes. thats it. this happens about every other year on my bike. your head isnt "shot". a good valve job is about $90 + parts
  13. tool

    X radiators on and R?

    i still dont understand how MXA did that swap (x into r) with no mention of any problem with fit. i was going for extra cooling. it seems at altitude, the lower power output and riding the bike harder to compensate, the bikes just run hotter. ive decided to buy a pair of x air guides and make them fit. from there only radiator modification or a set of fluidynes. thanks for the info
  14. tool

    X radiators on an R?

    your right, they do look like x radiators, but they are not. they fooled me because the air guides look just like the x's. thanks for the link to that website, it looks like thats the cheapest solution. looks like i need some tank enlarging. thanks for the info
  15. tool

    X radiators on an R?

    i cant find a straight answer. Can i put x radiators on my 05 crf450r? im talking about the whole swap - radiators, air guides, braces. factory honda did it in thier race bikes... seemingly.