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  1. There is just so little room to work in that torturously confined port...☹️
  2. No, there is a lot you can do, pretty much exactly as I outlined and photographed.... It is a really terrible port as cast... No performance consideration in it's design at all... Just utility.... Nobody does the port raise/ spring change.... So you wouldn't get the ultimate port from anyone... Don't polish anything that flows intake charge.... Surface tension slows the flow like raindrops moving slow over a fast moving windshield... You break the sticky boundary layer with a rough surface.... More flow through same size port because now it flows closer to walls... Polish = BAD....
  3. It's really too bad how little material there is between port roof and intake valve spring seat.... And look at that shitty short side radius on the Intake too.... Need to: Raise the floor .. And ... Raise the roof... To solve everything on this intake port.... What you would need is someone to weld up and re machine the valve spring seat area .... Find a source for a several mm shorter spring assembly with proper spring rate and travel.... And epoxy the floor and move that whole port "up"... Make it more downdraught / down draft style.... Fix that whole short side feed.... That's what I would do... If I could....
  4. That was beautiful Guy.. Simply beautiful....🤘👍👊
  5. mixxer

    Stroker kits

    Flattered... But Retired from commercial porting.... Simpler life... ☺️ It is an honor to be nominated, but I don't have enough time after my day job anymore ...
  6. mixxer

    Stroker kits

    What will this performance union of parts and labor be known as?? GreenRacer...??? RickyHuman...??? GreenRicky...??? HumanRacer...??? It would be expected to add "Performance" or "Racing" or something like that to the end of the chosen name hybrid...
  7. mixxer

    Went for a ride today

    If the VI/ Viscosity Index of that synthetic oil is a high rating, it should cover a 40 degree ambient temperature spread without difficulty in forks... In a shock , the conditions are much more heat generating.. Cool to hear they are more compliant now.. And glad you and your son enjoyed a day of riding too..!
  8. mixxer

    Update on Terry Miller?

    I hope it works out... That would be awesome...!
  9. And they started out with better suspension that may have needed tuning, but not replacement right out of the gate....
  10. mixxer

    Stroker kits

    Not helping! Ouch! Must Look Away....
  11. mixxer

    Stroker kits

    I don't want to want a stroker engine... You are going to have to cut this crap out right now....!
  12. It's not really an upgrade on the xr250r.... In my opinion it's not even close... 96 and up XR250R is a HELL of a machine with just a few mods... Not replacements... mods...
  13. I'm sure that Frank's level is every bit as good as mine... Plus he has better valve cutting equipment... So Frank wins!
  14. Lol... What I mean by "levels" is that so many places will say things ranging from "Port cleanup" To "Full asphault assault drag shredder agression port" And it all doesn't mean shit... You either match the port angles and shapes to get flow based on the carb size and valve size... And hit it all correct.. or you don't... Simple as that... The real range in layman's terms of what most shops are selling is this: Beginning "Fluff n Buff" = sand everything a bit and polish stuff for no reason...zero gain...but head is not ruined since nothing much was done... All the way to: "Sewer pipe hog port" = where everything is done wrong and you can't fix it if you tried.. performance killed and head casting is wasted...
  15. One cannot lay claim to being logical, if the do not concede a point to greater reasoning... I concede... Your point of trail bike category cannot be argued against .... Or I would...lol AdnohGuy takes this one!!