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  1. All super interesting Steve...! My 150f crank arrived yesterday... I want to try it out asap...
  2. mixxer

    Putting a CRF 230 crank in an XR200

    I knew you would be the one to know.... All I had wondered about was the difference in cranks because of the electric starter and sprague clutch/gear on the flywheel.... I don't know how many people besides you would know all the changes needed... And would have the machining ability to make the custom work happen...
  3. Not making less... Storing less in inertia to carry speed until the next power pulse... If 2 machines are the same except for flywheel mass... And they are both able to be at 9000 rpm.at the beginning of the hill... The one with more flywheel weight has more chance at holding rpm since it has more stored momentum... Same deal with the sand hill drag crowd... Assuming both engines run up to 10k rpm and then slam up one gear... The one with most flywheel mass will take the biggest instsant leap forward... All of this only counts if the engine has enough torque to deal with accelerating the flywheel mass effectively in the first place...
  4. Thanks so much for the information! I have been waiting for you to chime in..! Setting up sand drag quads for dand hill drag racing.... So many have said the same thing... Each power pulse has more inertia stored in flywheel mass to keep from losing much ground between power pulses ... That crowd of racers even go out of their way to have cranks customized to extra heavy by crank shops... Strong engines make good use of accelerating more mass... Especially on a single cylinder...
  5. mixxer

    facts on the new CRF250f

    I am always more concerned with volumetric efficiency of the engine.. flow and feed... Since , when done right, that will make for solid, if not massive gains... Camshafts / Porting/ Carbs (throttle bodies)/ Intakes / Valves / Pipes/ orrect jetting (mapping)... Compression and combustion chamber shape & critical dimensions.. That's my list of what comes first... High VE in the area I want the engine to work in... Then I will consider about making it bigger displacement.... All too often people are confusing the simple statement/philosophy that "bigger" is instantly and inherently "better" ... And it most certainly is not!!.. You go bigger without nailing down your flow and feed of this air pump.... And congratulations, you have now taken inefficient... And made it even more inefficient at feeding a bigger displacement... If it sucks at feeding 250cc... Why would I want to have it suck worse feeding 300?? Displacement is only fine if it's fed.... So ... Nice... But last on my list... Also... If possible... I prefer bore kits to stroker cranks if I had to pick only one way to increase displacement... But that's a whole 'nother topic...
  6. mixxer

    facts on the new CRF250f

    Ahhhhhhhhhh.... But mine has killer XR suspension ... Very very fast.... Love my little red piggy... 200 is missing magic button... Tit for tat...
  7. mixxer

    facts on the new CRF250f

    Stock vs Stock???!!! Nobody who rides .... Really rides... Rides anything stock... If anyone is satisfied off roading with either one of these machines stock, I just don't know what to say... It's mind blowing to think of such a "rider"... overly tame power and lame suspension... Who lives to ride crap like that??? If I had to ride either one of them stock for what I like to ride and feel .... I wouldn't be interested.... If I had to ride something stock, I wouldn't be interested in this category of machine... My own interest is in how much fun this 7/8ths scale retro thumper has been to modify... But I still wish for much more aftermarket availability of performance parts than what the 230 has... But I know , at least for quite some time, the 250 will have even less available... And it's going to need serious suspension and engine mods...
  8. mixxer

    BBR 195F cam?

    I KNEW you would know....!
  9. mixxer

    facts on the new CRF250f

    Point I'm trying to make is that it is quite a big difference in taking a crf450 that was making 52hp and now remapping afr to fit with it modded to 55hp.... It was already in a higher state of tune as delivered... Now take this lean as hell epa regulated de-tuned 250... Which won't be correctly tuned for power as delivered in it's choked up turd power state... Port it.. pipe it... Re cam it... Big bore it ...maybe even have my brother who owns my last dyno, Sredrum Performance, bore the throttle body and make a custom throttle plate for you... Your percentage change from original performance , and consequent air flow and mapping fuel requirements will be a massive percentage difference... Good luck with canned controllers... Nobody will be close unless they have built and mapped for the EXACT same everything.... On many machines like this, you will even be beyond the capability of the stock injector nozzle to deliver the fuel amount you need... I'm doing my best to illustrate to you guys.... But I don't know how low I have to go to get some of you to get it.. Hang on... I'm going to get some paper and crayons...
  10. mixxer

    facts on the new CRF250f

    In my dyno owning /tuning days I made it a point to become 110% proficient in tuning AFR settings to spot on perfection... For everyone's information, hardly any "canned program" works worth a crap (vortex is the exception )... And the more modded a machine is, the farther off your canned program will be.. Next up... The units of off road machines do not have the full spectrum of adjustability to variables (and not all the controllers either).... So what would make anyone think that they adjust well to any extreme airflow change?? And if they were so good at self adjusting for temperature / air density variables... They should also adjust themselves perfectly fine.. with no piggyback controller... To any mod that increases airflow... Porting... Pipes... cams... But they most certainly do not... Anyone who thinks otherwise, simply does not really understand what they are talking about...
  11. mixxer

    Pain & More Pain

    Shit just got very real ... Blood Eagle/ spine surgery just got scheduled for December 4th... Happy and scared shitless at the same time....
  12. mixxer

    facts on the new CRF250f

    Everybody here already has awesomely modified 230's... Not sure how many will feel the need to run to the new bike... Personally , my desire to do so is less than zero.... I would need quite a big enthusiasm boost just to get to no interest whatsoever... Lol
  13. mixxer

    facts on the new CRF250f

    I think the bike is going to: Be fat Have 3rd world suspension Be anemic with factory tune Be expensive to change AFR settings correctly (All AFR settings are just a wild ass guess unless Dyno verified) Not be priority on piston and cam designers lists... Bet on it...
  14. mixxer

    BBR 195F cam?

    What made the difference in the 150f cams? Did they switch rocker arms at some point?
  15. Way to rain on my parade with realism Steve...