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    Flying on a paraglider or Powered paraglider, MX bikes, wrenching
  1. GalusYZF250

    Lets see your homemade jumps

    Check these out: http://www.sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=31274 we made this with a backhoe (can be seen in some of the shots, yellow MF) A jump like this can be built in about 2 days (with medium experienced driver, and old equipment ) I ride the blue #95 Yammie 250F Some other part of this small area, where we started the whole "jumping" thing: http://www.sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=22250 you may notice that all jumps have a wooden pallet built into them. We got loose "sandy" soil in some places, so the pallet makes it virtually maintenance free. If you do not like to shovel a few hours before your every ride, than I highly recommend it. If you can put your "lil" dirty hands on some industrial grade conveyor belts and lay them in front of the lip, then thats the ultimate jump.
  2. GalusYZF250

    making a jump help

    Here you go with the wood pallet style jumps: http://sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=22250 They hold up great! If you can get some rubber in front of them then it is going to be extra durable
  3. GalusYZF250

    New arm, new life

    http://sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=23016&t=cross#cm I think this shows the "never give up attitude"
  4. GalusYZF250

    Jump style

    A few of us shown in this vid with different jumping styles: http://sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=22250&t=cross I am riding the YZ250F
  5. GalusYZF250

    Our jump practising track

    The pallet lips are holding up really well, exceeding our expectations. There is one which is there already for 10 months and all we need to do is just put a little dirt in front of it from time to time. The great thing is that the lip is allways good. No ruts just nice lip and good jumps. I would recommend it everywhere where the track is sandy or just loose.
  6. GalusYZF250

    Our jump practising track

    It is not ours unfortunatelly, but the owner does not kick us out. Actually the place is in a safety zone around an airport here in Hungary. They keep about 200 feet safety zone outside of their fence. This little woods area has been used by mx-ers for a few years now. They see us from the tower and the local police was there a few times for checking. Fortunatelly they were nice to us and did not chase us away. In turn we try to keep the place in order, having a trash can and some words on a paper which say a few things about how to help our community be judged in a good way.
  7. Hi, Check out this small track we built for practice jumping and just to have fun Let me know what you think! Thanks for watching! http://sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=22250&t=cross
  8. GalusYZF250

    How to build a jump...?

    We have built a small track here in Hungary just for the few of us to practice jumping. we also got sand and sand. so we installed a wooden pallet into each lip section so the last 2 feet of the jump is made from the wood. this way the lip does not need maintenance at all and it does not gets rutted up. I would strongly recommend it to any practice area, because the lips are always the same and you can easily adjust the angle of the jump if needed. When you install the pallet into the lip, you fill the inside of the pallet with the dirt and pack it good, so it will remain in position and the wood does not get broken under the weight of the bike. We got the first one installed about 9 months ago and it is still intact. Only the area before the pallet needs to be filled up with dirt sometimes, when the hard acceleration makes ruts there. Hope it helps you with this building project! regards Ferenc
  9. GalusYZF250

    Who can sell me 3 YZF's???

    I do not live in NZ, but just for the fun of it I can tell you how different are the marketing strategies around the world. (at least in Central-Eastern Europe) For Example in Hungary we have the Yamaha dealers and they charge you 9250 USD for the YZ250F! (OTD) It is a hell of a money if you compare it to the US prices. It is even more if you take the salaries into consideration. I am a well paid engineer working for a large international company and bringing home about 1450 USD every month. So it is no wonder that people from other countries looking for the US priced bikes.
  10. GalusYZF250

    Let's See your own Movie Productions

    Hi, Here is a few I did with the help of my wife: http://sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=17068&o=m&t=cross http://sportmotor.hu/motoros_videok/cross/?vi=18763&o=m&t=cross we are no racers (except a few guys) just weekend warriors Thanks for watching Galus
  11. Hi, With the help of my wife I made this video. It's nothing serious, but I've enjoyed every second of it. We live in a small country in eastern-Europe it's called Hungary. Many riders ride older bikes from the 90's or even older. I'm fortunate enough to ride this 2003 modell. The vid is 32 mega and about 6 minutes long. Hope you will like it! (right click - save as) http://motoros.bnet.hu/incoming/Galus1.wmv Cheers, Ferenc