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    In October I picked up a 2002 xrl with about 1200 miles. It had been sitting for a while but still ran (choppy) and I damn sure didn't wanna take it apart right when I got it. My buddy had success with running STP through his TRL so I tried it on mine. You can't just put the whole container in there because the tank is so small, but if you put a little bit in every time you fill up (I didn't even need a whole bottle) then it may clear up your problem. The only reason I have any faith in this is because I had a lawnmower that had been sitting for ages -- the tank and all of the internals were just covered in fuel lacquer. I put some 3+ year old fuel in along with some Marvel Mystery Oil and it cleared up the problem in no time. Anyway, maybe after that you'll want to try Mystery Oil, but STP worked for me.
  2. Yah bump up the idle a little bit and perhaps turn out the pilot screw a little bit.
  3. sephy

    Insurance cost XR650L

    I'm in CA and I pay $19 a month for full coverage through State Farm... plus I'm 22 and male so my rates should be wayyy up. They did give me some sort of discount for my mom being with them since she was 18 though
  4. sephy

    WhiteBros Exhaust Pipes

    I have the E1 full system with several plates. It's LOUD haha
  5. sephy

    looking for stock shock spring for 650r

    I will in a week or so (hopefully) once I get my new one in.
  6. sephy

    Fork Refurb.???

    http://www.racetech.com/evalving/english/Srchpr.asp?bikeid=196&manufacture=Honda&model=XR650L&year=1995&TABLEINFO=dirt&langname=english bum bada dummm! That'll tell you what fork oil to use and what spring rates as well. Since the forks can only handle up to 5 psi I'm a big fan of no air at all if you can do it.
  7. http://www.motostrano-store.com/handguards.html check that. Plenty of options. I personally slapped the Rally Pro's on my 650l
  8. sephy

    XR650L Front Sprocket?

    http://sprocketspecialists.com/ is a great site. I dont know about going up in the front (the site says the range is 13-15 and stock is 15), but you can always go a few down in the back to do the same thing (see sprocket site ;P )
  9. sephy

    Titled XR650R Smog Check

    Still technically they're not supposed to title off-road bikes anymore regardless of year. Several people on the local forums with Huskies that they bought as street-legal bikes got their plates taken away even. You may get lucky and get a plate so long as you have enough miles and it's already registered for the street in another state. Unless you can get that sort of deal then it will be a real hassle to get a plate and you'll probably lose it the next year anyway. It may just be time to get a new bike
  10. sephy

    Titled XR650R Smog Check

    I'd call the CA DMV. The only law about bringing a bike into CA that I know of is the odometer must read over 7500 miles to get it titled. If you already have a plate in another state you MIGHT get a plate in CA, but with the new plating laws they may still deny you one.
  11. sephy

    new XR650L

    The guy I bought mine from had it jetted, did Dave's mods, exhaust, intake, smog removal... etc. When I got it from him I had the same popping problem and a little bogging down. To me it seemed like running lean so I just turned the pilot out a little bit and that solved it. Maybe you can turn yours out a bit and adjust the idle?
  12. sephy


    no http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/
  13. sephy

    My first street ride

    I'd find a converted dual sport man. Keep cruising craigslist and you may want to become a member of bayarearidersforum.com if you're not already so you can scan their classifieds. It's pretty far away from you but the guys on there are very friendly and you can work out a way to get your bike from the bay. Right now as far as supermotos go there's a drz400, a couple of xr-l's (one just sold) and some ktm's on the board.