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  1. RoachToast

    What's your favorite GPS devise?

    I am looking for a GPS unit to buy to use mainly while dirtbiking. I have never owned a GPS unit of any kind so your input will really be appreciated. My main requirements are: 1) Good screen size 2) Good mounting hardware options 3) Ease of use while riding. What are your recommendations?
  2. Looking for opinions. What are your favourite brand/kind of riding shorts? Main criteria....postpones/eliminates monkey butt for the longest amount of time. Looking for something that is really comfortable over 2-3 days of riding.
  3. RoachToast

    KX 65 - Splitting cases - need help

    Finally got the cases split. What a relief. Good to learn.
  4. RoachToast

    KX 65 - Splitting cases - need help

    I've hit another issue. I can't loosen the bolt in the middle of the clutch. Tried air ratchet. It won't budge. Any suggestions? Is it reverse thread? Sooooh frustrating.
  5. I'm in the process of splitting the cases on a 2003 KX 65. I've removed all bolts on the fly wheel side. I've removed the clutch cover and looked for any other bolts holding the case together. I am still unable to separate the cases. Does the clutch need to be removed in order to split the cases? Is there something I am missing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.