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  1. Thanks im gonna give it a shot tomorrow if i can get a new jet for it.
  2. Hey guys been awhile since i been on the forum gave my bike to my sister when i went to school. Crf250r- was rebuilt crank and piston and rings this year and now it is very hard to start and will only run with the choke on . Any ideas
  3. ive been racing my 07 crf for about a year and never had any valve problems
  4. I paid 5600 otd for my 07 crf250r at rydersvillie in west virginia they dont charge sales tax on their bikes its a great place and its where i go to get all my bikes
  5. what about the 250 clutch outer recall, i have an 07 250 so what should i do should i take it in for the new parts
  6. Is there a BOLT ON144 big bore kit for an 04 cr 125 that requires no case modification? if so where can i get it if not what is the highest i can go bolt on and where can i get that
  7. Thanks
  8. how much wear until you replace your clutch basket
  9. how do you know when its time to replace your clutch basket
  10. The crf is also twice as reliable as the kxf
  11. I have had my 07 crf for months now and the valves havnt moved since. No complaints love the bike and it handles like a champ
  12. couldnt have said it better myself
  13. Honda

    love the carbon fiber hood:thumbsup:
  14. Id like to see white plastics with some gnarly graphics, and white bros carbon pro, pro taper evo bars