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  1. alanmx2

    what pipe

    thanks for your pipe info jojo, ive got one on order now .
  2. alanmx2

    what pipe

    The most popular after market pipe in uk is APROKOVICH. FMF seems to be the pipe in the usa . anybody tried both ? which one did you prefer ? ktm sx-f 250 07.
  3. alanmx2

    rekluse clutch 07 250 sxf

    hi. i cant really explain , i know it replaces the stock pressure plate . if you go to www.rekluse .co.uk, they show a break down of all parts.
  4. i'm thinking of getting a rekluse clutch ! are there any disadvantages with these ?
  5. alanmx2

    46 rear.

    Has Anyone Tried A 46 Rear Sproket ? I Put One On Mine (07 Sxf 250) And Found It Much Better You Can Hold The Gears Longer .
  6. alanmx2

    stiff forks 07

    i did the forks like ktm lew said and set the sag to 110mm (it was 100mm ) i rode all day and they felt much better maybe i just hadn't run them in long enough. :cheers guys
  7. alanmx2

    stiff forks 07

    the forks on my 07 250 sxf are quite hard . i've been told to take 5mm of oil out of each leg to soften them up. also been told to run 110mm sag ! would welcome any advise please.