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  1. i have a 78 yz motor thats finding it's way into an oddesey. My question is what would be a good ratio in order to help prevent from snaping axles. here are my choices i am going to use 530 chain as it goes well with number 50 ansi sprockets for my jack shaft. also whats the stock chain size on one of those? My other question is what does the yz 400e motor rev limit at. this becuase i am looking for a tack and found one to 14000 and one to 9000.
  2. ok i will asap i just don't have the time or money to put into this thing right becuase i need to be preparing to get a new truck and need the money
  3. i have a ? what would you guys say a oddessy with a yamaha yz 400 engine+ custom engine mount worth? the engine runs i have no pipe for it is in peices now and is a little far off from being done the oddessy has a custom role cage and is honda red
  4. but, is anyone selling a 84-85 xr 200r running i had one and miss it but i blow the top end up in az ride in 110 degree weather i want a nether one though, they have 4-stroke power with 2-stroke speed peferabley an 85
  5. one problem again i live in c.a in san-bernadino : ( thanks for the offers though
  6. thanks for the offer and sounds great but i can't get to tx i Am only 17 and i don't evehave a truck to put it in but i might be able to talk my freinds step dad into picking it up if i pay for gas
  7. it is in front by triple clamp berings
  8. a 2 smoker old perfoabley i am lookin to spend no mo than 1,000$
  9. thanks for that is cable ran like a xr or not
  10. does anyone have any pics of the right side of a cr 80 focusing on the way the clucth cable routes this would be a great help and also what is numbers for a new cable
  11. hey i am getting a cr 80 and considering the frame will be to small i wanted to know if any has ever built a shifter kart with this engine if so does anyone now were i could find a hydrolic disk brake system
  12. do you know were i could get one of those
  13. well i did not chance jets when i went to az. and rode in 99 degree weather for 9 hours maybe so i think that cuased it allways do chang it myself
  14. i found the parts i ned to fix me xr200r but now i need to think is it worth 275 dollars to fix and will it happen again any one know how to stop the bke from overheating? the website i used was babbits it is pretty good for parts about the same chapperal
  15. i must ask before i fix it i think over heating cuased the problem but will it happen again any way to slow it down or prevent it?