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  1. How do you do it and what do you use? Also does it make a big difference/is it worth it. thanks
  2. hahahhahahah i love this
  3. haha NOS! allow this smile to represent what will happen to your dirtbike if you hook up NOS :thumbsup: :lol: :worthy:
  4. Which is better? also will the mrd fit with a fmf q4?
  5. hahaha lol!
  6. Sadly,No i was just riding, i wasnt expecting to go under that much.
  7. I didnt feel anything different. So i guess thats a good sign and also it wasnt wet when i checked today but it could have dried up by now(3days) right? But what do you mean by flatten out?
  8. i havent had the time to check yet but say there is water in the air boot...then what?
  9. i didnt think mud was that bad for a bike but ill take your word for it. what are common problems from riding in alot of mud Thanks for the help guys
  10. Yeah thats why i freaked out. it was all the way under!
  11. Well the whole track was soaked. Like 2 to 4 inches everywhere. so i thought the landing of the jump was the same as the rest of the track but the water had piled up because it was between two jumps
  12. How do i know if it did or not?
  13. Well i was riding my bike at one of the local tracks yesterday and the track was really wet in places. So as i was riding i went off a jump and the landing was a huge 4ft deep by 5ft long puddle. So of coarse my bike was completely under water. So i was wondering if the air boxes are water proof and also if that is bad for the bike? -thanks
  14. mines done i was wondering the same thing but i took it out on the track and beat the hell out of it and it seemed fine
  15. I think this is going to be one of the longest threads TT has ever seen and sadly everyone has no idea what it could be this is going no where but you gotta love the effort