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  1. Dp2boy

    Is this better than what I already have?

    I just had my forks serviced; fluids changed, all seals and rubber replaced and the fork tubes trued and they are actually better than when they were new.
  2. Dp2boy

    Fuel Screw O-ring

    Cool, thanks for the link. Hopefully I can find one at a local parts strore that will at least get me through the day tomorrow then I can order the correct one.
  3. Dp2boy

    Fuel Screw O-ring

    So it just looks like a regular black "donut" O-ring that I could buy at any hardware store ?
  4. Dp2boy

    Fuel Screw O-ring

    My aftermarket fuel screw backed out of the carb and luckily came to rest on top of the cases along with the spring. Unfortunately I can't find the o-ring. Does anyone have a pic or can you give me a description of the o-ring ? Is it a flat nylon washer or a true rubber o-ring and does it slip over the tip of the screw or seat at the bottom ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Dp2boy

    2007 450 rear brake

    Gray, I'm assuming changing pads will fix the contaminated pad problem but what do you do if the rotor is contaminated ?
  6. Dp2boy

    "shock savers" while transporting...

    A year or so ago Motocross Action Magazine had a letter asking about this same thing. The editor responded by saying if the suspension can take a hit from the landing off a 40 ft. double then it can certainly take an hour or two of being lightly compressed in the back of your truck.
  7. Dp2boy

    Bunk Motul ?

    It was definitly clear and shiny. It was impossible for me to tell if the consistency was the same as some of the older oil I had on my shelf so I just ditched it. I'd rather eat $8 than trash a motor !
  8. Dp2boy

    Bunk Motul ?

    Yeah, its weird. I live so far from where I bought it that I'll probably just eat the cost but I don't think I'll buy Motul again. I hope if it was contaminated that whatever is left in the engine won't hurt anything.
  9. Dp2boy

    Bunk Motul ?

    Changed my oil today and as I crack open the plastic bottle of Motul semi-synthetic and start to pour it in I notice that its super light in color kind of like champagne colored. I knew I had some leftover Motul so I got it out and it was a normal amber color. Has anyone ever had this happen ? I drained it and replaced it with the only thing I had, regular Yamalube (not even R). I'll do one ride on that and drain it too. Opinions ?
  10. Dp2boy

    Fork Bleeder Valves

    I second the vote for the Anderson Automatics, they are very low profile and I haven't had any leaks so far.
  11. Definitly ProTaper KX High, I was told that was the highest bend available. Where are you guys getting your higher clamps from ???
  12. Dp2boy

    tall setup

    Also add Pro-Taper KX high bend bars and Fastway pegs (which can be lowered about 1/2". Along with the tall seat these mods make life more bearable for over 6 footers.
  13. OK yeah I've got a big foot and it keeps hitting the brake pedal in mid-air. Anybody make one thats maybe 3/4" longer ??
  14. Dp2boy

    Top End Refresh

    Preventive maintenance my friend, preventive maintenance.
  15. Dp2boy

    Top End Refresh

    Yup, maybe too much for me, I'd better turn it over to somebody thats done one or two before.