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  1. brooksinct

    2000 xr250 exhaust

    I find it amazing that no one wants to trade me.
  2. brooksinct

    2000 xr250 exhaust

    I have a 2000 xr250 with a supertrapp exhaust and I want to get rid of it and get a stock one. If anyone wants mine and is willing to trade please respond with your e-mail adress and we can swap info. Mine is in good codition and is just too loud for where I ride. Thanks
  3. brooksinct

    2000 XR250 knock

    I just bought a 2000 XR250 and I was told that it has a 285 big bore kit installed. The bike runs fine but when it is idleing there is a slight knock. Not like piston slap but like timing chain or something. It is not consistant just every few seconds. Any ideas?
  4. brooksinct

    Anyone ride the Freetown HS?

    I did and thought that it was great. It was my first HS and I got 12th in 250c on a 05 yz250f all stock. I plan on going to all of the rest of the NETRA races. Any comments on the race?
  5. I have an 05 yz250f that is all stock and have been running VP C12/ 93 pump gas 50/50 mix. I have poping on decel and cannot get it to idle properly. When I got the bike from the previous owner it ran great and I have since done a comeplete carb clean with no change in performance. I have also tried a larger piolt jet with no help. It was suggested to me to just run pump gas and that may fix it, has anyone had simmallar experience?
  6. brooksinct

    2008 Drz400?

    I work at a dealer and we know of no changes for 08 all the things that the other guy said is crazy talk.
  7. brooksinct

    burnned I need your help

    mid to WOT other than that dyno jet directions told me to put it 3.5 turns out.
  8. brooksinct

    burnned I need your help

    runs pretty good just a bit of surging on the highway.
  9. brooksinct

    burnned I need your help

    I did it just like dyno jet told me groove #2 150 main fuel screw 3.5 turns out I live in CT close to sea level
  10. brooksinct

    burnned I need your help

    I have an 07 sm that I am putting a high compression piston and hot cams in. I already have the 3x3 mod, cut out the restrictor in the tip of the stock exhaust and have a dyno jet jet kit installed. Will I need to rejet with the cams and piston?thankyou and anyone elts who has any input.
  11. brooksinct

    Widest rear tire on a 400E to SM ....160 ???

    I run a 150 avon. I dont know why you would run anything wider as it will just be more weight and take away power.
  12. brooksinct

    Anyone have the kouba link?

    I was wondering if anyone has the kouba link and could tell me how it is. I also wanted to get the dimentions of it so I can make my own.
  13. 07 DRZ SM I live in CT and will be doing 3X3 mod. I bought the dyno jet kit and need somewhere to start. Any help would be apreciated.
  14. brooksinct

    Why does it idle but not anything elts?

    It has VP c12 in it and I had just ridden it the day before, parked it over night (it rained) then rode it about 5 miles, parked it and when I went to start it to go home it would barely run at all choked it and it would only idle on choke and if you give it gas it dies.
  15. brooksinct

    Why does it idle but not anything elts?

    yup gas will come out if I drain the bowl while running. That leads me to belive that gas is atleast getting in the bowl.