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  1. I got a big wheel because I wasn't sure what classes would be there for it. I'm under the impression the first year will be a seperate 105 super mini class . They ( AMA ) are not allowing 7 year olds on the bike for races and will have to restructure the classes. Call your districts ama coucil members and thay can tell you whats up. I'd say the big wheels are going for super mini's
  2. mxmadman

    Ashley Fiolek on the CRF150R

    I think your comment about this young lady are about as lame as I've read, I had the chance to watch her race at Lorreta Lynns this year and she is no way a danger to anyone . She is very focused and can race faster than 80% of the boys in 85 class.I also had a chance to meet her and her parents. Most people tell there kids not to look back when they are racing so if you don't look back you are not paying attention to what you can't see, in her case she just can't hear so she just uses that to her advantage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so until you see her run don't critisize