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  1. Bullfrog81

    DRZ 400 e

    Will both the front and back off of a gs500 fit with only minor adjustments.
  2. Bullfrog81

    DRZ 400 e

    I am looking to convert my 2000 DRZ 400E to a supermotard without all the big money. I can do machining but I need to know what wheels will fit with just some minor adjustments to them. If anyone could tell me which wheels will work off another bike would be great. Thanks
  3. Bullfrog81

    Pic's from my DS/SM ride today...

    Nice pictures do you have 17 in wheels on your bike or are those just street tires to fit. Or if anyone has any information of what wheel off of another bike will work on a 2000 DRZ 400e I am converting. All help will be appreciated.