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  1. don the legend

    lookin to buy a kdx 200 in illinois

    Check craigs list st. louis. Click motorcycles then type in kdx. There are two bikes online as of 6pm 4-6-07
  2. don the legend

    Rockport orv

    Pretty cool place to ride. The place has about 800 acres and every time I've been there we've never came across any other riders, maybe the odd Jeep or two. $15 to ride. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6062821007181310277&hl=en Here is Rockport's site.http://www.rorp.com/homepage.html Be sure to verify age requirements, I've seen them turn a group of young guy's away because ther e wasn't anyone older than 16 accompanied buy an adult.
  3. don the legend

    St. Joe State Park 9-2-06

  4. don the legend

    St. Joe State Park 9-2-06

    My kid and I at St. Joe Hope this worked, this my 1st post.