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  1. Not trying to sound crazy, but a while back I was just about out of money on an ATV project, so I just bought some cheapo non-o-ring chain to hold me over till I did some more side work. After I installed and ran it a few times. I noticed there was a crap ton less rolling resistance when spinning the tires with the rear in the air, compared to o-ring chain. This has to account for a few more MPH on our bikes. For anyone that has never owned a quad, normally you would spin the tire and within a half a revolution or so the tire would be stopped again. I've owned probably around 20 quads and have never had tires spin so freely before. Sorry for potato quality, this was taken on a phone several years ago, point still gets across.
  2. I'm trying the 705's, dont see much off roading in my future. They are the same weight, if not lighter, than the stock tires.
  3. I know all about gear ratios and tire sizes. Been working on quads and dirt bikes for nearly 20 years, I also worked in a hobby shop for a few years (messing with gear ratios in the tiny rc car transmissions) I ended up getting a paid of 705's, I think I'll be happy with them. I also ordered these bar end weights as I have fat bars that have thick walls and normal end weights won't fit. These have a sleeve I can remove... https://www.ebay.com/itm/22mm-CNC-Motorcycle-Grip-Handle-Bar-End-Plug-Weight-Slider-Windmill-shaped-US-/253216115841?roken=cUgayN&soutkn=fB3T0K
  4. Yes, we are talking about crf250l's. I didn't know you were talking about drz's. Makes more sense now.
  5. Changing the rear sprocket to a 41 adds a tiny bit of bottom end. I changed the front sprocket to a 14, which adds even more bottom end, about 3x as much of a difference as what going up 1 tooth in the rear did for you. EDIT: Correction I went to a 13T. Stock is 14 (I rode 400ex's for years, stock is 15T on those)... I'm confused. You went up one in the front, and up one in the back, slightly counter productive don't you think?
  6. What size front tire? I see the Same size rear tire as OEM available in the 705, but not the front.
  7. I'm still up in the air with what I want to do with my bike, but I would like a smoother ride, and a 100% road tire would definitely help that. (medication I take make small my extremities tingle with vibration, it can be unbearable) I have not seen anyone just put a street tire on a stock wheel yet though.
  8. chucked

    What's it worth? Used 2017

    Tell me some more stories
  9. chucked

    What's it worth? Used 2017

    Agreed, I'm positive he didn't pay $4000 for a new one. Maybe $4000, plus this fee, that fee, the other fee, totaling $6000 OTD. Local dealer does stuff like that.
  10. chucked

    What's it worth? Used 2017

    "heard of the web, right?" Literally what I am doing, asking others for reference, on the web. Also, I was on the web, on craigslist seeing people ASKING 4000ish for used 2014's. IMO I feel a 20% discount is fair.
  11. chucked

    What's it worth? Used 2017

    He paid cash, clean title, just trying to figure out a fair price. The 2 don't know each other, just trying to keep a riding partner.
  12. chucked

    What's it worth? Used 2017

    Friend bought a 2017 CRF250L (non rally) right after I bought mine. Has maybe 500 miles, completely stock. He lost interest, wants to unload it. I have another friend interested but unsure of what a fair price is. I see people asking $4000 for used 2014's-2015's. I paid $5800ish otd for mine, but that includes tax, which in all fairness you can't pass onto the 2nd buyer because they have to pay again.
  13. chucked

    Accessories for Honda CRF 250 Rally

    LOL! Where do you get 300 engines so cheap?
  14. chucked

    Does this exhaust pipe look in poor condition?

    Looks like its in good shape besides the heat shield. Can probably get a new, or nice used heat shield for a few bucks.
  15. chucked

    Best 2017 CRF250L EJK settings ?

    I have just installed a Two Brothers exhaust and the 2017 EJK model on my 2017 250L (non-rally). Using 93 octane fuel with 10% ethanol it seems to run good with the stock settings. I think (maybe) I need to add more fuel in the red zone though (wide open).