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  1. The 690 makes its power above 4000 rpm and there is nothing short of repacing the cam that can really change that..Reducing valve overlap would increase low end torque but at the expense of over all top end power..It is never going to like "chugging" along at under 3k rpm...
  2. rjking

    Rear Shock Help!

    I have a 2006 Husky 610 SM and I HATE the harsh high-speed damping on the rear shock. I have just about lost my fillings and have the high speed damping adjuster all the way soft. I don't think it even does any thing at all? Who has replaced the stock Sachs with an aftermarket shock and what brand/set-up etc. Love the bike...hate the shock... R J King:confused:
  3. rjking

    Big "D"

    Has anybody else noticed the HUGE difference in power with the 610SM when you put the LeoVince slip-on can on? I have done no jetting at all but it will pull power wheelies in 2nd now.. RJK:applause: