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  1. pitbull900ss

    questions about xr80

    I'm looking to purchase a XR80 for my wife to start riding. This will be her first bike ever!!!. First let me start by saying, why an XR80?, shes only 5 feet tall and all of 90 pounds. Now I've found some great examples but looking for some input. Does anyone know of an automatic clutch set up for the xr80. I've checked a lot of web sites that sell or manufacture them and can't find one for this make/model. Or are there any honda made automatic clutches already on another model that would work. the xr/crf case just by looks is alot different but are the inners compatible?? any help pointing me in the right direction would be great. She's getting the bike any way but I thought an auto clutch would make the learning process a little more enjoyable.
  2. pitbull900ss

    Rewinding Stator

    I've got a 2000 xr 400 with the baja designs dual sport lighting kit. I'd like to rewind my own stator, which i've read about and it seems easy enough. How ever I've got a couple questions and I'm hoping that some one can help me out. First off once I increase the amount of wattage the coil is making do I have to change anything else? like the battery? Obviosly I'm planning on running a more powerful head light. But where does all the excess energy Go? And will it fry my little dry cell battery pack or wires if the bikes running and the light isn't on???