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  1. Wattsmyname

    Aprilia RXV 4.5

    Thank you PilotHonda for your reply, you are making me want to try one, i always like something a little different, my KTM was the 1st none Japanese bike I owned, it has been great. I just wanted to get some opinions before I proceed, the leftover prices are pretty tempting, Thanks
  2. Wattsmyname

    Aprilia RXV 4.5

    There are some good prices on new left over 07 and 08 Aprilia RXV's. My local Aprilia dealer is mostly sport bikes but they told me the original ones were so bad in 06 that the ones they sold forced them to never risk selling them again. Lots of engine problems,drop the motor to work on them, not to mention the seats were so hot they were miserable to ride. Is there anyone who recently purchased an 07 or 08 with good or bad experience, a cheap price is no bargain if they are junk, my KTM 400EXC with Trick Dualsport kit never causes any problems and the 6 speed gearbox cruises the road effortlessly. Any replies would be appreciated, Thanks
  3. Wattsmyname

    GasGas Parts-Ridiculous lead times

    For those thinking about getting into Trials, from a newby to the sport, you can be waiting 3-4 months with no end in sight for a simple gear for your 2004GasGas 280TXT Pro, just keep that in mind before you purchase.
  4. I lost my chain today(no Excuse for this) as I bottomed the suspension in the dip at the bottom of the incline. The engine reved a bit as I heard some unpleasant noises when the chain was wrapping the front sprocket then it instantly killed the engine. We dislodged the chain by removing the flywheel cover- no external case damage. Reinstalled the chain, cranked the motor, there is now a noise that sounds like a piece of metal bouncing around inside the cases. It will shift into 1st but I shut it down due to the pinging sound. I have not started taking it apart yet & have heard these motors are "different",until now I have never had any other major issues with this bike If anyone has any tips on what I could expect, I would appreciate it,thank you
  5. Wattsmyname

    GasGas 04 280 Pro

    I will check the sensor but my method just may be my problem, I did feel better yesterday when I started it 3 times in a row on the 1st kick. Maybe that button on the KTM is turning me into a wimp, Thanks for all of the good suggestions
  6. Wattsmyname

    GasGas 04 280 Pro

    Also checked the reeds,they look perfect,no problems. When the engine is hot,it will KS if you start it like my KTM 4 stroke. Rotate the engine until it is in the right spot,a good kick and it starts right up,just does not seem to want to do this cold. I guess you GasGas vets know the tricks, maybe I should have gotten that Scorpa w/Yamaha, I know they start really easy.Thank you for all of your suggestions
  7. Wattsmyname

    GasGas 04 280 Pro

    The 100:1 gas smokes less but still does not kick start. Removed the carb,it is for sure the stock Delorto & is very clean
  8. Wattsmyname

    GasGas 04 280 Pro

    I was positive that the main said 270, my son with great eyes even confirmed,that is far from a 118, Thank you.
  9. Wattsmyname

    GasGas 04 280 Pro

    Thank you for your help,changed the plug,checked carb(jets 270k, 38, 60 @ 750 ft elevation in Texas), checked inside flywheel cover. I am kickstarting very carefully with plenty of force. It ran fine with a little too much exhaust smoke when we pushed started it. Will drain the gas tomorrow but it should at least show some signs of life with the good spark it appears to have. Surely these are not this picky to start, I have had at least 20 bikes so I am not totally green,just new to Trials/GasGas. Thank you for each reply
  10. Wattsmyname

    GasGas 04 280 Pro

    First trials bike, got a clean used 280. Slight problem,is very difficult to start. Fresh fuel 50:1 Amsoil, carb jets are perfectly clean,plug has fuel after a few kicks with choke on, appears to have good spark on correct plug. Will push start but is not easy since these things are tough to spin over in anything less than 3rd gear. Seems to run fine after it starts. Have never had a bike with reed valve, any suggestions would be appreciative, Thanks
  11. Wattsmyname

    DRZ 400 Vs 525exc

    I just sold my 03 KLX/DRZ 400SR and got a new leftover 06 KTM 400EXC, added a Trick Dual Sport kit. We did a few rides with the two bikes before I sold the KLX, there is no comparison, the KTM is far superior on the trails and does OK on the MX track. You certainly could not get the KLX on the track at all, I was really suprised on the road that the KTM is much better there also. With the 6 speed gearbox, I am sure it would go 100MPH so my backroad cruising at 40-50mph is effortless. It has stainless valves for long life, there was an article in Dirt Rider about a 400EXC with over 20,000 miles on the top end. The KTM suspension is much better but I only weigh about 160 lbs, good luck
  12. Wattsmyname

    400 EXC questions

    Just picked up a new 06 400EXC on 10-20-06, added a new Trick Dual Sport kit Friday night. Rode some trails and back roads Saturday, rode to my local outdoor Motocross track practice Sunday afternoon. I am not a 4 stroke fan at all, if not for the making it street legal, I would certainly have gotten a KTM 300 2 stroke. I have a DRZ400S for Dual Sport, it is a too heavy at best compared to this 400. I went with the 400EXC because the KTM has Stainless Valves and will be the best I can get if I have to have a 4 stroke. So far, this seems to be the easiest bike to ride briskly that I have ever owned. Good luck.
  13. Wattsmyname

    My 2007 525 exc is here!

    I was excited about picking up my 1st new 400 EXC tomorrow but after reading that mile long list, I'm bummed. I haven't done that much stuff to all of the bikes I've ever owned combined in 20 years.
  14. Wattsmyname

    License Plate position???

    If you want a really nice kit that includes everything, contact Trick Dual Sport, 661-268-1094. Mine came in today for my new 06 400 EXC, much cheaper than the 07 Street Legal with the leftover 06 pricing plus it is really easy to swap it back if you want, Good Luck.
  15. I am getting an 06 400 EXC leftover for a great price this week, just add a Trick Dual Sport kit(will be here Friday) and it will be much better than my 03 drz400. I have done several things,tank rear fender etc, to cut the weight but it is only OK on mild trails. The 400EXC has a shorter stroke than the 450/525 and seems to rev quicker and still has plenty of top speed so you can cruise without much strain. You will be fine in the Novice class, good luck.