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  1. My friend has a 96 550 mxc and put a new piston in it and ktm gave him the wrong base gasket and the compression was too high. Anyways he broke of a bunch of the teeth that the kick starter turns into and we cant find the gear anywhere. HELP
  2. dunes4me520

    ttr-90 kick start problems, clutch adjustment

    which clutch does the 2nd and 3rd gear starts take out, centrifugal or drive? I think mines pretty well gone cause ive adjusted the screw every which way and it doesnt really change much. thanks for your input
  3. My kick starter was slipping when i tried to start my bike so I took everything apart inside the side cover and everything looked good, and then found out there is an adjustment for the auto clutch by the shifter. Does anyone know if there is a setting for that (certain number of turns maybe) or is it just feel. I adjusted it out a little and it helped the kick starting , but it still slipps every 4th kick or so.
  4. dunes4me520

    finding TDC on a 520sx

    what is the easiest way to find TDC for valve adjustments
  5. dunes4me520

    Oil in the stator?

    is there supposed to be oil in the stator side of the motor on a 02 520 sx