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  1. Hey guys, I am brand new to the site (first post) and wanted to get some opinions from you. I am currently racing the 2003 125sx and i have to say it's an amazing bike. It has never given me problems, but racing it along with a class of 90% 250f's gets harder and harder. I can hang with the other bikes but I'm racing in WA/OR and the elevation changes here are where i guess i fall behind. My questions are similar to others, but with this being a KTM thread, maybe i can get some better answers. -How much more maintenance is required? (i do oil, air filter, etc. and my bikes never given me any problems) -Is it hard getting used to the 6 gears? I guess I could ask a lot more questions but any advice or knowledge would be great. I think it's going to really hard to finally get rid of my bike and give in to the 4-stroke, but i think it's about time. I know they say 90% rider, 10% bike but from riding my other friends bikes it suits my style for racing. Thanks for any replies, and nice to meet everyone.