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  1. I've got seperate insurance for my YZ. It's $90 a year. Homeowners won't cover the bike if its stolen out of your truck or out of your garage. Homeowner's covers nothing with wheels unless its something you use for a business. After I spoke with my agent and he said that, I ponied up the $90... T
  2. My YZ250 puts a smile on my face every time I ride it! T
  3. YZ25002

    Question about stream crossing

    Where is the ignition cover? T
  4. YZ25002

    Question about stream crossing

    Thanks for all the info guys. Josh, I'm gonna change the plug this weekend and also change the oil (it needs it anyway). and pull the air filter and clean it. Here is a video (.avi) of how deep the water was. That is my friend on his XR250R. You might need quicktime to view it. http://www.anotherlincoln.com/bike/mike-river.avi Tim
  5. YZ25002

    Question about stream crossing

    Also, I have the crankcase tube and one of the carb tubes routed up above the carb for situations like this, if it matters at all... Tim
  6. YZ25002

    Question about stream crossing

    Ok, I just went outside and checked the air filter. It appears to only have the oil from the last oiling on it and is not wet at all. I stuck my finger into it in a couple different places to be sure. The bike wasn't running like the choke was on. Not sure if everyone's YZ is this way, but when my bike isn't warmed up completely, the gears don't wind out and it just growls and gurgles when I rev it. When its warmed up, I can wind it out and it revs smooth. After the water the 2nd time, the bike was running like it was cold. I dunno, could be my paranoia.... T
  7. YZ25002

    Question about stream crossing

    Will it hurt anything if I don't get to it until next Saturday afternoon? Tim
  8. YZ25002

    Question about stream crossing

    Do I have to drain the carb or do anything other than check the air filter? I'm giong to change the oil, but will a little bit of water thru the carb need to be remedied? I rode the bike for at least an hour after the stream crossing and it ran fine except it ran like it does when its not warmed up, not sluggish, but it wouldn't wind out smoothly. Instead of winding out, it ran rough as the revs went up. If that makes sense... T
  9. I crossed a stream today that was more like a freaking river. It probably came up to the bottom of my gas tank. Should I be worried about anything? I continued riding the bike for the day and to me it didn't seem to want to wind out as much after that, kinda like how it runs when its not warmed up. I could just be paranoid though. When I was going through, it bogged, but didn't conk out. I was going to change the oil this week, but since the bike stayed running for the remaining hour of the day after crossing the water, do you think I have anything to worry about as far as damage goes? Thanks! Tim
  10. YZ25002

    Clarke 3.1 on 03 yz125

    I've got a 3.9 on my '02 YZ250. I like the tank alot, but I wish I would have gotten the 3.1. I don't like the size of the 3.9 and may sell it to get either a 3.1 or one of those new number plate tanks. Tim
  11. YZ25002

    I need a kickstand for my YZ250.

    I have a Pro Moto Billet and love it. I checked them all out and this was the best looking and best designed. But its pricey at $150.00... T
  12. YZ25002

    Chain & Sprocket set up

    I ordered a gold DID and Primary Drive sprocket combo from RM and I'm very happy with it. When you put your bike info into the site they tell you what size you need... T
  13. YZ25002

    should i sell it?

    Sell it and buy a YZ250. I paid $1800 for my '02 last summer and LOVE it!!! T
  14. YZ25002

    Clarke tank question (re:cap)

    When you say stock cap, do you mean the one that came with your clarke (not sure if they even come with one) or do you mean the cap from the tank that came with the bike? Tim