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  1. I forgot to mention - the bike still runs fantastic and starts pretty easy too. I've only ridden the bike around the neighborhood for a while since swapping the rings and haven't put it through any dirt use.
  2. I have a 2000 WR400 that is running the auto decompression exhaust cam from a 450. I did the mod two years ago and have never had problems with how the bike runs but, a two weeks ago I put in new piston rings (Wiseco piston, stock size & compression) because the oil ring hadn't seated very well previously and I was burning quite a bit of oil when riding. Swapping the rings was easy and really only took a few hours for the full teardown and re-assembly of the cylinder and head but now, I'm getting blue smoke from the exhaust when I fire it up (it gets better but doesn't go away 100% after warm up and riding). I also noticed today that there is air PULSING from the valve cover vent hose - the pulsing is consistent with the bike's RPM. If there is loose dirt on the ground below the bike, the vent hose will actually blow it around. I thought perhaps I had the timing a tooth off and was getting some blow by but, I just opened up the valve cover and found that my timing is accurate based on this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3706078#post3706078 Does anyone have any suggestions of why there is so much air being pushed out of the vent hose? I'm relatively sure it will be the same issue causing enough oil to get burnt and cause the blue smoke.
  3. hozhead

    New track in Idaho! (2008)

    Update. Its dead. They lost the rights to the land, the company disbanded and abandoned their debt to many people they had involved.
  4. hozhead

    WR400/426/450 Modification Database

    Model/Year: 2000 WR400 Engine: '03 450 auto-decomp exhaust cam, air box modified, gray wire disconnected, throttle stop cut. Carb: Needs To Be Jetted Exhaust: stock exhaust with GYTR performance insert Fluids: nothing special Suspension: Race Tech fork springs for my weight & YZ handling. Forks dropped 10 mm for SuperMoto. Chassis: Pro taper bars and grips, Moose levers Protection: Acerbis Rally Pro handguards. SuperMoto Engineering Axle & Bar Sliders. UFO Peg Sliders. I Pull Out. Tires/Wheels: -SuperMoto: 17 inch Excel wheel, Talon Hubs w/ Michelin Pilot Power tires (120 ft. 150 rr.) - Dirt: stock rims and hubs, pirelli mt44 front, MX-Xtra rear Driveline: - Supermoto: 15/44. DID X-Ring Chain - Dirt: 13/50. DID X-Ring Chain (the same chain) Electrical: TrailTech Vapor computer, TrailTech regulator/rectifier. TrailTech battery. Stator Floated. Acerbis Cyclops headlight. K&S light/turn/kill/horn switch. Brake light pressure switch. LED signals in back, bulb in front. Horn. Cosmetic: Clarke 3.4 gallon YZ tank, SDG gripper YZ seat (more function than cosmetics). Acerbis SuperMoto ft. fender. Comments: Runs well considering I've never touched a jet in it though I'd like to change that soon to smooth it out and kill the deceleration pop. In SuperMoto trim, it will do just under 100 mph and will cruise @ 75 mph without rapping out the engine.
  5. hozhead

    wr 400 decompression

    And yes it is sweet! I did it last week and I LOVE not having to fiddle with the stinking thing. It wasn't difficult to use the decompression lever but the first time I stalled out on a hill and tried to get re-started without taking a digger convinced me that I needed to do the mod.
  6. hozhead

    New track in Idaho! (2008)

    Well, there's FINALLY a little bit of progress on the War Eagle Speedways project. There's another meeting tonight about them getting their final approvals to actually get started on something.
  7. hozhead

    Street Bike Wheels for SM

    I wanted to keep my dirt wheels so getting the stock hubs laced to 17"s was out. I kept an eye out here and found a used set of Excel/Takasoga for $850 that I'm now running on my WR400.
  8. hozhead

    sell sportbike for supermoto?

    I haven't ridden my sportbike ('02 F4i) since I was on the track (MMP) at the end of June. It would help if I hadn't crashed my street fairings but, at the same time, I enjoy my SM so much in town that I hardly bothered with the sportbike anyway. I'm seriously considering getting a new, larger SM this winter so that: 1) its better for the street and freeway travel 2) I can race against sportbikes at MMP (my current 400 isn't large enough) 3) I can race against SM's at MMP. If I do get a larger SM, I'll just turn my WR400 back to a dirt bike and get rid of my sport bike. Its a hard choice though because I still love the sport bike, especially on the track (which I do usually visit at least once a month).
  9. hozhead

    What did you do to your WR today?

    No new parts but, I rode mine to work (it's been tarded) like I do most days but I'm also about to ditch work for 2 hours to enjoy some twisty mountain roads!
  10. hozhead

    WR450 plastics on a WR400

    So did you need to swap the subframe to make that happen. And is that a 450 tank? Yes, I know its not stock but is it for a 450 specifically.
  11. hozhead

    New track in Idaho! (2008)

    I hate to tell you this but, don't hold your breath. They've got a decent hold on land for it but, the last I heard, they still hadn't received approval to even start construction. The last community meeting I went to (in Mountain Home, ID) about it, people were voicing a LOT of complaints about possible noise, traffic, etc. The city council was asking them to provide a LOT of detailed construction plans and schedules that just aren't possible when they don't even have enough approval to justify spending the engineering and survey money.
  12. hozhead

    WR450 plastics on a WR400

    I've done several searches with no luck so here goes... Has anyone done a full plastic swap from an 03-06 WR450 to a WR400? - I've got a 2000 WR400 Supermoto that could REALLY use a YZ style tank and seat for better seating position. I'm considering an aftermarket, high capacity YZ400 tank but would prefer to use a WR450 tank, seat, shrouds, rear fender, number plates, etc. - I'm not opposed to swapping the subframe and airbox but I need to know if that's possible before buying the parts and I don't know anyone with a WR450 that I can pull parts from to test. I saw that the "Team Scream" YZ426 has some 450 plastics but there weren't many details in the thread regarding what was involved to swap those. Thanks in advance, Dave
  13. hozhead

    WR 400 motard converison

    I'm converting a 2000 WR400 myself. I grabbed as set of Excel Rims w/ Talon hubs (bought used on supermotojunkie.com) rather than using my stock hubs so that I've not got two bikes. I'll be getting a 320mm rotor and caliper bracket some day soon but I'm using the stock brakes for now and its working out just fine for general street use.
  14. hozhead

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    I just finished putting this together last night and took it for a spin for the first time today! Next up is a gearing change (REALLY NEED IT) and some cosmetic changes like black fork guards, black number plates, SM front fender, etc. 2000 Yamaha WR400 Excel Rims w/ Talon Hubs Michelin Pilot Power Tires Acerbis Cyclops Headlight (DOT legal) ProTaper Reed/Henry Bars Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards Trailtech Vapor Computer (Speedo, tach, clock, hour meter, odometer, water temp, air temp, etc) Supermoto Engineering Axle Sliders Supermoto Engineering Bar End Sliders UFO Footpeg Sliders Home Mods - - Battery in Airbox - Rewired Stator (floating ground) - Brake Light & Pressure Switch - Turn Signals - Shortened Throttle Stop
  15. hozhead

    Street Bike Helmets??

    Ah, the classic "how much is your head/brain worth to you?" arguement for expensive helmets. Get a full face (you like your chin where it is right?) helmet that is SNELL and DOT approved. A Scorpion, HJC or KBC (even Icon since they are manufactured by HJC) will do just as well as a Shoei or an Arai. With helmets, you get what you pay for in FEATURES not drastic improvemnts in safety. The higher dollar helmets are going to have washable liners that are easy to deal with, they are going to have better venting, will be quieter, etc but that doesn't mean they are going to protect your head any better. I've got two HJC street helmets and one HJC dirt helmet. They fit the shape of my head well (a huge factor in comfort AND safety), the have decent features and a decent price.