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  1. Deanril

    Wanna a few more HP for you're DR650?

    Well If driven it 80 miles an all I can say is Wow. I have the usaul mods, jetted and opened up airbox idle needle, and running Rotella T. But this spark plugs upgrade did wonders for top end, overall smoothness of the engine, backfiring is almost completely gone now. I feel a bit more power nothing earth shattering but these woke the bike up a bit and the engine really runs smooth and stronger now. $20....totally worth it!
  2. Deanril

    Wanna a few more HP for you're DR650?

    Great thread....was reading the main reason your get a performnace boost is cause the plugs take up more mass then the stock ones, causing the compression ratio to raise. Just have to watch it when you change them I guess the end thread is in the combustion chamber and could strip out your threads if heavilly corroded with carbon upon removal. more here: http://www.mototuneusa.com/two_free_horsepower.htm
  3. Deanril

    Dr 650 Spongy front Suspension

    Back in the day, air was it! Looks like Ill most likely get some new springs then, thanks for the replies!
  4. Deanril

    Dr 650 Spongy front Suspension

    Old School rider here, was wondering to stiffin it up a bit upfront has anyone here bought AirCaps for the front forks? And if so how is it now? Thanks for your imput!
  5. Deanril

    You know that chug-a lug-a feeling....

    chug-a lug-a feeling is from too lean. I recently did the Dyno Jet, a Supertrapp, a K&N, Airbox, and slide drill on my 06 DR 650. So I have tried almost everything with this bike trying to tune it. Basicaly the Supertrapp is loud and is not ideal for the DR650, I think I will maybe get a Can for a GSXR 750 or something and use that instead....... At anyrate I had the "chug-a lug" going through most of my ordeal. I drilled out my stock Jet to a 165 with the stock needle this was after the Dynojet kit wasnt working on the 4th step, so I gave up on it. That actually worked good with minimal Chug alug. My current setup: Stock Exaust K&N with top of Airbox open 170 Dynojet needle at 3rd position from bottom Slide drilled And no more chug a lug, at 160 Dynojet I had major chug alug with this setup. Im going to drill out one of my smaller 150 Dyno Jets to what a 180 would be when I get my new can for my Supertrapp pipe and see how that goes.