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  1. bradf504

    Can I: 06 450f suspension on an 07 250f?

    Thanks for the advice on the Cdi Art. On the Microfiche the 250 and 450 have the same part # for the triples, so I wonder if they are the same size upper fork. Also, the reason for switching I had stated above. I just bought a 250 but dont want to pay another $800 to get the suspension done up, so I figure I can try and swap them.
  2. bradf504

    Can I: 06 450f suspension on an 07 250f?

    Why will it hit the box? Are the fork tubes thicker on a 450?
  3. I could'nt find anything on this subject so maybe someone will know in here. Can I swap my 450f Forks, upper and lower triples, and rear shock and spring to my 250f? I thought the steering geometry was different between the two, but I dont know if that even makes a difference. I want to do this because I have a full Factory Connections set-up. I also will be using a Pro Taper upper triple. Thanks in advance for the direction.
  4. Like the title says, I changed out my generator cover and now my bike doesnt want to fire. Is there a trick to putting back the magneto, I havent checked to see if there is spark but my feeling is there isnt any.
  5. bradf504


    I'm going to Mx-207 tomorrow for the first time, it says on their page I need shin/knee guards but I dont have any. Anyone who has been there I would like to know if I really need them. Thanks, brad
  6. bradf504

    Rubber Mount on triple clamp

    After i wrote that I realized how stupid the question was. The RG3 is coming soon but im just trying to get through the weekend. Thanks for the advice guys I might try to track down new ones.
  7. bradf504

    Rubber Mount on triple clamp

    Its not unsafe to take the rubber mount off of the triple clamp for a weekend or two is it? Mine are smushed after a couple crashes and now the bars rock back and forth on the tree.
  8. bradf504

    '07 KX450F vs. '03 CRF450R

  9. bradf504

    my Rear brakes are gone

    Thanks for all the help guys!!
  10. bradf504

    my Rear brakes are gone

    Do you happen to know the name of the seal, or is there only one on the mc? Either way thanks for the info sounds like a good spot to check.
  11. bradf504

    my Rear brakes are gone

    I took them off the bike to do some work and i've tried everything I can think of including bleeding them again. When I bleed them air comes out like crazy but I dont get any pedal back. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it!! Brad
  12. bradf504

    Is there any sand??

    I hope I dont sound ignorant, I tried to look before posting. Im from MA looking to take a trip with some riding buddies, we are looking for maybe some dune type riding and I didnt know if you guys down south had any. Info would be hugely appreciated!! Thanks