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    Bikes, Jet skiing, water skiing, 2 & 3 day enduros, life
  1. OZDRZ400Ek6

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    Bit of Fun around Brisbane, Australia Filmed on a GoPro HD Hero 2
  2. Just got my custom Motoxart grapics on my DRZ Must say I am very happy with the outcome and the quality for the price. I didnt get the full tank and shroud kit due to the fact they just wont stick to a safari tank.Applied them all in under 1 hour ( after the removal and cleaning of the original graphics)
  3. OZDRZ400Ek6

    Aquired a spare set of DRZ400e wheels . SETUP HELP?

    Thanks guys - the chain is realitvely new but I agree on the 14/47 stock ratio for the trails and harder stuf is fine, and a 14/41 would be great on the black top and long dusty roads with a set of adventure dual sport tyres on.. I couldnt get my head around the maths bit - but as said with a newer chain the adjustment would be relatively easy. I also need to check the chain to see if any links were taken when suzuki out the new one on when I went to the 13/47 ? Might get a 41 for the rear and put my original 14 back on and see what happens.. Cheers
  4. Hello fellow DRZ'ers, I have aquired a spare set of new wheels for my DRZ400E bike. I currently do 90% offroad, single track and hillclimbs, 2 - 3 day rides etc. On the bike I am running a gear ratio of 13 /47 ( helps with the hills)but now with a spare rear wheel - I want to have a setup up that will allow me to simply swap the rear wheel over with a different sprocket on it so as I can do some longer road/trail adventure rides without revving the guts out of the bike. I am happy to go back to a 14/47 combo as it is OK still for the hills but want to know a ratio for the rear so as I can just swap the wheel to suit the ride without having to change sprockets and chain etc . ? anyone have any suggestions or has anyone done this . CHEERS from OZ
  5. OZDRZ400Ek6

    Larger Tank (help)

    DR W a 17lt safari tank will bolt straight on, I have the force radiator guards which appear to be the same as the unibiker ones. see pics below
  6. OZDRZ400Ek6

    Where are you from, and what are you running?

    Brisbane, Australia DRZ 400 E k6 17lt safari tank pro taper Blue bars Acerbis hand guards Michelin front & Back Hyde bash plate Yoshi RS3 slip on acerbis tailight Force radiator guards CFC case guards Outlaw alloy shift lever Magellan explorist 600 GPS Head light protector (home made) 80 % dirt riding 20 % comuting just for fun
  7. OZDRZ400Ek6

    show your rear

  8. OZDRZ400Ek6

    Billet aftermarket sprocket cover ???

    NICE:thumbsup: did you remove the stock chain guard as well or is it under there ??
  9. OZDRZ400Ek6

    Crashed DRZ's and KLX's

    Bit too much on the twisty side of the handlebars, but that berm was good, just ran out. PS not me on that DRZ, i am down the cliff yep thats about 7 - 8 metres straight down, lucky for the trees But got out, only my ribs were a bit second hand. and in true DRZ fashion it just got up and went for another 600km without complaining about it:applause:
  10. OZDRZ400Ek6

    Billet aftermarket sprocket cover ???

    Thanks all, MT the topar one looks good !! I checked out the pics in your garage. I will be ordering that one. The bolts you said were too short and they sorted it out ? did they just send you longer ones ? ( just want to check so when I order I can make sure they send the right ones first, as it does take a while to get them sent down under
  11. OZDRZ400Ek6

    Billet aftermarket sprocket cover ???

    Cheers guys Zeta one looks good, but looks like only for the S & SM. Mine is an E. Also the B&B, I have one on the way but I think it still makes it pretty open
  12. Gday guys, I have been looking around for an aftermarket front sprocket cover that allows for easy cleaning. I currently have just removed it but I wear an over the boot pant that is getting worn on the sprocket ( not to mention also a bit dangerous) I have modifed the stock case by channeling out the groves. But I have seen other bikes with great looking guards on them. I have only come accross one so far ( see link) Does anyone know of any others on the market ?? http://store.toparracing.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TPR&Product_Code=DRC-003&Category_Code=SUZGCS
  13. OZDRZ400Ek6

    2008 Dr-z400e ?

    WHAT !!!!!! OH NO one of the highest selling bikes that hasnt changed a thing in years because it doesnt need changing !!!!!. For a preview of an 08 DRZ 400 E grab your mates 07 and a tin of black paint and whack a stripe down the middle of the seat and HEY PRESTO you have an 08 model. Maybe soon the DRZ will go the way of the new KLX450 ?? I am waiting also
  14. OZDRZ400Ek6

    clark or ims post pics

    Have you consider an RV aqualine ( Safari) tank, 17 lt, screws straight on.